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x86 rival Qualcomm stated that it is inevitable for PCs to switch to ARM processors

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In traditional concepts,x86Is a high-performance processor,ARMIs a low-power processor, the performance can not matchx86Compared to, therefore not suitablePCAnd other high-performance equipment.But in AppleM1seriesARMThe processor is successfully usedPCAfter that, Qualcomm now has confidence, sayingPCTurn toARMIt is inevitable.

At today’s Investor Day meeting, Qualcomm announced a series of actions, including providing Apple with5GThe baseband chip business will shrink in the next two years,2023Probably only20%ofiPhoneWill use Qualcomm baseband, which means that Apple’s self-developed baseband will be the main force.

However, Qualcomm has gained BMW as a major customer on its autonomous driving chips. These brand-new chips and solutions from Qualcomm will be used in “New class ”Series models, and will be2025Production officially started in 1989.

On car chips, Qualcomm will be able to get80Billion dollars in revenue.

The most important change isPCChip, Qualcomm announced that it will develop a new processor based onARMArchitecture,Aimed atWindows PCSet performance benchmarks, I hope to be able to compete with Apple’sMThe series processors are head-to-head.

This is not the first time Qualcomm has done itPCPlatform,Snapdragon was launched a few years ago8cxWaitPCChip, and jointly launched the SnapdragonWindowsNotebook, but the market performance is not very good, and it has not been promoted.

Qualcomm this timePCThe processor has changed the team and will be replaced byBrideDesigned by the team, Qualcomm14Billion dollarjLarge sums of money acquired the team.

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It is worth noting thatBrideIs in2019Established in 1988 by three former Apple employees who previously worked for the companyASeries chips work.

Qualcomm says brand newPCThe processor is not only capable of benchmarking AppleMSeries processors, and are also at the leading level in terms of energy efficiency and battery life.

Qualcomm is full of confidence this timex86Shouting——PCTurn toARMThe processor is inevitable.


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