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Xiaomi prepares the electric car. The Chinese tech giant enters the e-car market with 10 billion

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The machine of Google, another mega hype of the tech and e-car world, has not seen the light because the Mountain View giant has decided to transform its self-driving car project into a development program for software and maps in the service of autonomous driving and this is because Big G has well understood that building a car with all the industrial, economic and social implications is not a game for everyone and for those who have no experience.

Xiaomi – founded just in 2010, capitalization of 82 billion dollars on Nasdaq, where in one year it gained 140% (but since the beginning of 2021 it has lost 22% with the turnover of portfolios affecting tech stocks), also listed in Hong Kong – on the other hand, was able to present the project as a real car thanks to the fact that the Chinese company already lives in a single technological system both its own and at the country system level. In fact, Xiaomi produces smartphones and scooters (but also TVs and gadgets of all kinds) is a sort of technology hub of a country, China, which “lives” on lithium-ion batteries and accelerates every day towards the car revolution. electric. Xiaomi relies on a large manufacturer to produce the car. And in China there is no shortage of large players also on behalf of third parties with join ventures with famous Western brands and the Xiaomi car is likely to be disruptive: a real tsunami for the car industry.

In fact, the Xiaomi brand and a sub-brand I am very well known and appreciated among the millennials and it will be more and more so for the so-called children of the Alpha generation or the drivers of the near future. Those who are 14-15 years old today and go around with a Xiaomi scooter and are naturally inclined to buy not only a smartphone from the Chinese giant but also a car from a brand they trust.

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Not for nothing, Xiaomi has created an ecosystem made up of Internet of Things devices: from the Smart Watch scales of scooters to today the cars on tap. The reputation of the brand is enormous and this unhinges the rules of the game in the world of cars, in which a brand, just think of Skoda or even Audi, needs time to establish itself.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, starts from a leading position for the new generation of digital natives and it is not to be excluded that others will follow his example starting with Apple and ending with Samsung which a car manufacturer had but now it is from Renault and has remedied by buying car tech giant Harman a few years ago. From today the electric car, which has already fielded hi-tech protagonists such as Nio and Xpeng, speaks Chinese more and more and hard times are announced for the large traditional groups. And also for Tesla.

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