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Yaben Chemical and Proton Co., Ltd.’s letter of concern involves the same concept_Company_Caron_Anhydride

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Original title: Yaben Chemical and Proton Co., Ltd.’s letter of concern involves the same concept

Sino-Singapore Jingwei, February 15th. On the evening of the 14th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued letters of concern to Yaben Chemical and Proton. Coincidentally, the stock prices of the two companies both achieved a daily limit of “20CM” on that day, and involved the same concept.

Involving the concept of Pfizer, multiple daily limit

On the 14th, new crown drug concept stocks generally rose sharply. Among them, Yaben Chemical, Jianfeng Group, and Essence Pharmaceuticals all closed at the daily limit. Investors generally speculate that the above three companies are related to the supply of raw materials for Pfizer’s new crown drug. In addition, Porton shares, which have received orders from Pfizer, also rose by the limit.

Previously, according to the website of the State Food and Drug Administration, on February 11, the State Food and Drug Administration conducted emergency review and approval in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Drug Administration Law” and in accordance with the special drug approval procedures, and approved Pfizer’s new coronavirus treatment drug Naito with conditions. Matvir tablet/ritonavir tablet combination package (ie Paxlovid) is registered for import.

It is reported that this product is an oral small molecule new coronavirus treatment drug for the treatment of adults with mild to moderate new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) patients with high risk factors for progression to severe disease, such as advanced age, chronic kidney disease, Patients with severe risk factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic lung disease.

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However, Yaben Chemical, Jianfeng Group, and Essence Pharmaceuticals have all denied the speculation of supplying raw materials to Pfizer.

On February 8, Yaben Chemical announced that the company had no business contact and cooperation with Pfizer, and did not sign a cooperation agreement with Pfizer. The quality standards for the procurement of front-end raw materials for oral drugs, and the company’s customers refuse to provide the final use of the purchasing company’s caron anhydride and its derivatives. It is impossible to determine whether the caron anhydride (alias: caron anhydride, the same below) produced by the company is or can become an intermediate for Pfizer’s new crown oral drug.

On January 26, Essence Pharmaceuticals announced in its announcement that the board of directors had not been informed of the undisclosed information that the company should disclose in accordance with the “Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules” and other relevant regulations, which had a greater impact on the company’s stock trading price.

Jianfeng Group pointed out in an announcement as early as December 2021 that the company’s subsidiary Shanghai North Carolina Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai North Carolina) and its subsidiaries are mainly engaged in pesticide technical drugs and intermediates. Before the acquisition of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, Shanghai North Carolina had sold the production patent of “new synthesis method of caruronic acid lactone, carronic acid, carronic anhydride and its key intermediates” in March 2013.

Yaben Chemical and Proton Co., Ltd. receive letters of concern

On the evening of the 14th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange successively issued letters of concern to Yaben Chemical and Proton.

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The letter of concern shows that some investors have recently mentioned in their complaints to Yaben Chemical that the company has declared an annual output of 50 tons of Palo Verde API projects, 500 tons of caron acid anhydride intermediates, 300 tons of azabicyclohexyl alkane and other projects. The project approval has been obtained, but the company has not disclosed the relevant information.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Yaben Chemical to explain whether the above information is true, and whether the company is in contact with potential downstream customers of the products involved in the project, whether there are existing orders and order amounts, and whether the existing production capacity can meet customer needs. In addition, it is required to explain the reason why the project name involves Palovid API, Caron anhydride intermediate, azabicyclohexane, and whether it is related to Pfizer’s new crown oral drug Palovid.

In terms of Proton shares, the letter of concern shows that the company disclosed the “Announcement on Receipt of Major Orders”, saying that it has received a new batch of “Purchase Orders” from companies under the multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. (“Pfizer”), and will provide them with contracts. For custom R&D and manufacturing (CDMO) services, new orders totaled US$681 million, exceeding 50% of the company’s audited operating income for the most recent fiscal year.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange requested Proton to supplement the specific name and amount of the product or service corresponding to the above order, the use or indication of the corresponding product, and whether it is related to the new crown treatment drug. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei APP)Return to Sohu, see more

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