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Yancheng, Jiangsu: Riding the “wind” to chase the “light” to seize the commanding heights and move forward “green” on a “new” carbon path

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Yancheng, Jiangsu: Riding the “wind” to chase the “light” to seize the commanding heights and move forward “green” on a “new” carbon path

2024/04/24 20:21 Released in Yancheng

Wind turbines stand in rows like “white forests” and rotate in the wind; rows of photovoltaic panels decorate the “blue ocean” dotted and shining; new energy projects one after another are under construction and put into production…

On the shore of the Yellow Sea, there is surging green energy, unlimited scenery, and full of “new” meaning.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating, gathering and bursting out, and new energy has become the commanding heights of competition in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Relying on the unique “scenery” resources, Yancheng insists on building the new energy industry as a strategic emerging industry, seizes development opportunities, continues to optimize the energy structure, continuously strengthens and extends the chain, and achieves “two doublings” in industrial scale and development scale. ” and “Two Breaking Thousand” historic leaps, striving to embed more “Yancheng coordinates” in the world‘s new energy industry map.

Yufeng Chasing Light

Green energy “lights up” the development landscape

Yancheng is located on the eastern coast of Jiangsu. It is the city with the longest coastline and the largest sea area in Jiangsu Province. It is rich in wind power and solar energy resources. The undeveloped “wind and solar” resources in Yancheng are equivalent to three Three Gorges power stations, and the potential for the development of new energy is huge.

How to transform resource advantages into new momentum and new engine to enhance Yancheng’s regional development competitiveness?

Taking the opportunity of being selected as one of the first batch of carbon peak pilot cities in the country, Yancheng, with the attitude of a runner and the responsibility of a pioneer, rides on the wind and follows the light, makes good use of the “treasure pot” of resources, picks up the green “golden rice bowl”, and uses crystal The new energy industry, mainly silicon photovoltaics and wind power equipment, is developing rapidly.

The world‘s only testing and inspection platform that can meet the requirements of 200-meter blades has been fully put into use. The country’s first “carbon neutral” offshore large-megawatt unit has successfully rolled off the production line; the international authoritative certification agency TüV Süd has on-site issued a “carbon neutral” certificate to the wind turbine manufacture…

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In the Sheyang Port Economic Development Zone, leading companies such as Longyuan, Huaneng and CRRC have settled here and built offshore installed capacity of 700,000 kilowatts, onshore 997,000 kilowatts, centralized photovoltaic power stations of 152,000 kilowatts, and annual power generation of 3.7 billion kilowatts. hour.

“Chasing the wind” chased out a wind power industry. Walking into the CRRC 150-meter offshore wind turbine blade intelligent manufacturing workshop in the Sheyang Port Economic Development Zone, workers were busy at their respective positions in an orderly manner. The project has newly installed 6 sets of wind turbine blade production lines, with an annual output of 300 sets of offshore large-megawatt blades. “There are many companies settled in…

In the battery production workshop of Yancheng Chint New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in the Shanghai-Suzhou Dafeng Industrial Linkage Area, modern production lines are arranged in an orderly manner, AGV cars shuttle back and forth, and dark blue battery panels are born here. “It only took us less than a year from signing the contract and settling in to the first phase of production. Currently, the first and second phases have reached full production, and the total annual sales are expected to exceed 12 billion yuan.” Jin Yuanyuan, the company’s administrative outreach manager, said that with the PARKnSHOP A large number of leading companies in supporting industries such as Yancheng, Lushan and Xiaoniu have successively settled in Yancheng, and the company’s various businesses have basically achieved seamless integration.

Facing the future, while continuing to expand and strengthen the two advantageous industries of wind power and photovoltaics, Yancheng will focus on hydrogen production from renewable energy, actively explore the realistic path of “green electricity” to “green hydrogen”, and create a demonstration green hydrogen in the Yangtze River Delta base. At the same time, it aims to build a demonstration base of “large-scale renewable energy + energy storage” and actively cultivate and develop the energy storage industry. Since the beginning of this year, industry giants such as Trina and Canadian Solar have stepped up investment and invested over 10 billion yuan in energy storage projects in Yantai.

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“Carbon” takes a new approach

Gathering momentum and empowering to connect the whole chain

The construction of a low (zero) carbon industrial park is a leading and landmark project in the construction of Yancheng’s green and low-carbon development demonstration zone. Yancheng took the lead in piloting the construction of low (zero) carbon industrial parks in the province, and established a zero-carbon park standard system construction…

Roll out the blueprint, be the first to test, and bravely be the “pioneer on the carbon road”. In the Sheyang Port Low (Zero) Carbon Industrial Park, major projects and carrier platforms have settled in one after another, making it a green industry gathering place that has attracted much attention. As one of the first batch of low (zero) carbon industrial park pilot projects in the city, Sheyang Port Economic Development Zone quickly launched in-depth and systematic changes in clean energy supply, new power systems, green industrial clusters, and green power traceability certification.

Zero-carbon communities, zero-carbon corridors, zero-carbon parks, zero-carbon buses, zero-carbon municipal…

Nowadays, low-carbon life is showing its reality in the Sheyang Port Low (Zero) Carbon Industrial Park. Behind the implementation of these scenarios is the effective support of a complete new energy industry chain.

In the intelligent dust-free workshop of Jiangsu Yueyang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., automatic guided transport vehicles shuttle non-stop, and photovoltaic module products are gradually completed and rolled off the production line. Wang Guangshe, the company’s deputy general manager, said that since its settlement, the company has achieved an output value of more than 10 billion yuan. Currently, the company is intensively planning and deploying the Yueyang Phase III project and working hard to build a tens of billions enterprise. The development and growth of Jiangsu Yueyang Photovoltaic in Jianhu has attracted a number of chain companies such as Hongyuanda, Lushan and Huilang to invest in the industry, promoting the cluster effect of the county’s photovoltaic industry and better completing the upstream and downstream indu…

Enterprises are important entities in practicing green and low-carbon development and are also important promoters of zero-carbon emissions, green transformation and green innovation in industrial clusters. At present, more and more companies are making every effort to promote low-carbon energy consumption, circular resource utilization, and digital manufacturing processes to forge new green advantages in industrial competition. As early as 9 years ago, Goldwind Technology built the first wind and solar storage microgrid in Jiangsu Provi…

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Starting from “new”

Seize the commanding heights of the energy revolution

Energy is the foundation and driving force of modernization, and green energy is the main battlefield in promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. If an “energy city” wants to seize the new trend of green energy and maintain its leading advantage on the green and low-carbon track, it must embrace “dual carbon” and live up to its “scenery”.

At the beginning of this year, as a Japanese-registered “Energy Confidence” ship loaded with about 153,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas completed the unloading operation and left the dock, the natural gas supply guarantee work of CNOOC Yancheng “Green Energy Port” in 2024 officially kicked off.

The “Green Energy Port” is one of the largest liquefied natural gas reserve bases in China. The liquefied natural gas processed in one year can be used by residents in Jiangsu Province for 28 months. It is important for ensuring my country’s energy security, optimizing the energy structure and realizing the goal in the Yangtze River Delta region. The “double carbon” goal is of great significance.

Adjacent to the “Green Energy Port”, Jiangsu Guoxin Binhai Port’s 2×1000MW high-efficiency and clean coal-fired power generation project is not only a key supporting and regulating power supply guarantee project planned and constructed during the province’s “14th Five-Year Plan” period, but will also Energy exchange will be realized with the “Green Energy Port”. According to Zhu Zemin, director of Guosen Coal-fired Power Generation Project Engineering Management Department, the hot water generated by Guosen Power Plant will be provided to the “Green Energy Port” for use. The cooled water after use in the “Green Energy Port” will be recycled to Guosen Power Plant, which will not only reduce the company’s production costs…

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