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Yield up to 4% gross

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Yield up to 4% gross

Today I’m going back to talking to you about deposit accounts, because I know how complicated it can be to make the right choice when you want to make an effective profit from depositing your savings.

That’s why I try to keep you up to date with my reviews and my opinions on the products available… And today I’m doing it by talking to you about a recently born and very innovative reality that offers you four different solutions for ViviBanca Deposit Account.

Read on if you want to know more.

This article talks about:

Who is ViviBanca? What interests does it offer?

ViviBanca is one reality bank born from the merger between TerFinancea leading company in the household credit sector for 30 years e Credit Salernobank expression of the tradition rooted in the territory.

Its efficient Online Banking and its widespread network throughout the country make it very innovative and its strong point is represented by the enhancement of the direct relationship with the families it thinks of with easy and immediate solutions.

As for the interestshere’s how much you can get by tying up your money with this bank.

Is the ViviBanca deposit account safe?

The deposit account of ViviBanca is ViViConto and, before talking to you in detail about this product, I can anticipate that it is a safe account as it is guaranteed by the Interbank Fund for the Protection of Deposits: up to 100,000 euros your capital and accrued interest are in any case safeguarded.

Furthermore, ViviBanca is a reliable banking institution, having one of the best solidity indexes in Italy. Indeed the CET1 Ratio is equal to 17,1% and the Total Capital Ratio of 19.8%.

Characteristics of the Vivibanca deposit account

The ViviBanca Deposito Account is a high-yield account aimed above all at families who want to save to build better future prospects. A safe choice, flexible, convenient and simple to start investing with complete peace of mind without giving up an effective growth of your capital.

ViViConto offers three different solutions to have the opportunity to decide how to manage your savings based on your personal needs. Furthermore, ViViConto is free of charge and there are no opening and management costs.

Let’s start with the first option.

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1) ViViConto

ViViContothe ViviBanca deposit account that allows you to:

  • be able to immediately withdraw what you have paid into your account (totally or partially) and the accrued interest as on a normal current account;
  • have a certain and guaranteed interest of 0.10% gross;
  • immediately activate one of the options that guarantee you a higher percentage of interest.

While the annual gross rate it offers you is 0.10%.

Therefore, by depositing 10,000 euros you will get:

  • gross annual return: €10.00;
  • net annual return: €7.40;
  • Payment of interest: quarterly in arrears and upon expiry of the deposit obligation and together with the repayment of the capital.

2) ViViConto Plus

But let’s continue to explore the ViviBanca deposit account offer with the third solution: ViViConto Plusthe escrow account of ViviBanca.

The restricted investment of ViviBanca offers a higher yield with the advantage of being able to dispose of the capital in the event of an immediate need for liquidity.

In particular, with ViViConto Plus you are free to choose the duration of your investment 6 to 48 mesi, you can withdraw the invested capital without any penalty, net of accrued interest which will not be recognized in the event of an early withdrawal. The sums you book for early release will be available after 33 days and will be credited directly to your ViViConto. The gross annual rate is 2,50%. Thus you would get the following return:

  • 6 months: 1%;
  • 12 months: 1.25%;
  • 18 months: 1.5;
  • 24 months: 1.75%;
  • 30 months: 1.85%;
  • 36 months: 2%;
  • 42 months: 2.15%;
  • 48 months: 2.25%;
  • 54 months: 2.35%;
  • 60 months: 2.5%.

For the payment of interest with ViViConto Flex it is quarterly deferred and upon expiry of the deposit obligation it is obtained together with the repayment of the principal.

Also for this option, the Net Annual Return does not include stamp duty for the period in question and remember that it is always charged to the Customer with a charge upon expiry of the deposit obligation.

3) ViViConto Extra

The fourth and last possibility offered by the ViviBanca deposit account is ViViConto Extrathe solution that gives you maximum performance and in complete safety.

Consider that these are not simple high yields, but one of the highest yields on the market: it is the ideal choice if you want to keep your investments tied up for longer to obtain greater earnings.

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But the peculiarity that still leaves you a certain margin of freedom lies in the fact that you can still choose short-term bonds (minimum duration of 6 months up to a maximum of 48 months), always maintaining the security of the guaranteed return.

The rates of ViviConto Extra are from 4,25% for the annual gross. While the payment of interest is also in this case quarterly postponed, upon expiry of the deposit restriction and together with the repayment of the capital. The same applies to stamp duty not included and charged to the customer with a charge upon expiry of the deposit bond.

Thus you would get the following return:

  • 6 months: 2.50%;
  • 12 months: 3%;
  • 18 months: 3.75%;
  • 24 months: 4%;
  • 30 months: 4.05%;
  • 36 months: 4.15%;
  • 42 months: 4.20%;
  • 48 months: 4.25%;
  • 54 months: 4%;
  • 60 months: 4.25%.

How to open a Vivibanca deposit account

Open ViViConto it is an extremely simple operation that can be carried out directly online in a few minutes.

On the site you will find all the information step by step, just have your valid identity document at hand, the tax code, the IBAN of your current account, a mobile phone number in your name and an active e-mail box.

To have your own ViviConto chosen from the four possibilities I have told you about, click on the “open it now” button and fill in the online form in a few minutes following the instructions. At the end of the procedure, you will be able to “sign” the digital contract directly online and the IBAN code of your ViViConto will be sent to you immediately. You can then make a transfer to ViViConto of the amount you want to invest and immediately start earning money from the amount deposited.

Opinions of Affari Miei on the Vivibanca deposit account

Now that your research on deposit accounts has focused on ViviBanca products and you have clear ideas about the four proposed solutions, I can tell you openly what I think as a person who is attentive and always up to date on how to earn by depositing sums in deposit.

In general, it’s not a good time to get big money from savings accounts, but all in all Live Account Of ViviBanca it remains an advantageous solution, especially if you don’t have problems depositing sums for long periods.

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In this case you can choose the ViviConto Extra option which, as I have already mentioned before, offers you the highest return currently on the market, ensuring you the security and freedom to change your mind if you need cash sooner than you planned .

In conclusion, I’ll quickly summarize everything so you will have the clearest ideas in summary and you will be able to make a valid decision more immediately, with advantages and disadvantages that immediately catch the eye.

When Vivibanca deposit account is right for you

This tool is for you:

  • If you are looking for a safe deposit account;
  • if you are looking for a deposit account to open quickly and directly online;
  • if your economic situation allows you to tie up your money for long periods, obtaining advantageous profits.

When a deposit account Vivibanca is not for you

You should look elsewhere instead:

  • if you have problems with technology and want a more traditional deposit account that does not necessarily have to be activated online by filling in a form;
  • if you think you can’t take advantage of the option Live Extra Account with amounts tied up for long periods of time and high profit margins.


Now you have read the most complete review of the web on the ViviBanca deposit account and you are aware of all its advantages and disadvantages that I have illustrated to you completely through my personal opinion. There is nothing left for you to do but think it over with an objective evaluation.

To evaluate all current possibilities, visit Deposit Account TOP: you will find all the updated rates and you can choose the most suitable account for you.

Additional helpful resources

If you still don’t feel ready to invest your savings through this method, you can find new advice and learn about other banking products that are useful for earning more or less substantial figures. Just keep reading the reviews My business: here you can find a series of advice designed for you and your investments.

Happy surfing!

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