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Yili Representative Becomes Director of International Dairy Federation, Making History for China

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Yili, the largest dairy company in Asia, has made history by having its representative elected as a director of the International Dairy Federation (IDF). The decision was unanimously voted on by representatives from over 30 countries during a meeting held in Chicago on October 15. Dr. Yun Zhanyou, vice president of Yili Group, will now serve as the only Chinese director on the IDF board.

This appointment marks a significant milestone for Yili and the Chinese dairy industry as a whole. As a director of the IDF, Yili will have the opportunity to deeply engage with the global industry governance system, contribute to the formulation of international industry policies, and promote win-win cooperation and sustainable development in the dairy sector.

Picristiano Brazzale, Chairman of the International Dairy Federation, expressed his warm welcome to Yili’s representative, emphasizing the company’s leadership in the Chinese dairy industry and its strong innovation capabilities. Brazzale believes that Yili’s participation will play a crucial role in the work of the IDF, particularly in driving quality improvement and innovative breakthroughs in both the Chinese and global dairy industries.

Yun Zhanyou, Vice President of Yili Group, expressed his honor and excitement at becoming a member of the IDF board of directors. He sees this appointment as a vital step for Yili to actively participate in global industry governance and deepen international cooperation. Moving forward, Yili aims to leverage its influence and collaborate closely with the IDF, bridging exchanges, mutual learning, and further cooperation between the Chinese dairy industry and the rest of the world. Yun also highlighted the importance of conveying more Chinese voices to the global dairy industry.

The election of Yili’s representative as a director of the IDF showcases the growing recognition and influence of Chinese dairy companies on the global stage. It also signifies the potential for increased collaboration and exchange between the Chinese dairy industry and other countries. Yili’s appointment marks a new chapter in dialogue and cooperation, fostering a stronger relationship between China’s dairy industry and the global dairy community.

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With Yili’s representative now on the IDF board, the company is poised to advocate for the interests of the Chinese dairy industry and emerging countries. Yili’s extensive expertise and experience will undoubtedly contribute to shaping industry policies and driving positive change within the dairy sector.

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