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You can retire at 62, here are the requirements. But time is running out for your request

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You can retire at 62, here are the requirements.  But time is running out for your request

Retired at 62, here are the requirements

With press release number 812 of 23 February 2024, the INPS has outlined the operational procedures for conferring recognition on jobs characterized by particular efforts and hardshipsa crucial step for access the pension at 62 years of age. This provision does not concern the Quota 103which allows retirement at 62 only if 41 years of contributions are reached, but rather the most advantageous Quota 97,6.

In practice, with this measure, as he writes Money.itregulated by article 1 paragraph 206 and following of the 2017 Budget Law, it is possible stop working at 62 with approximately 36 years of paid contributionsin the best case.

It is therefore a valuable alternative for those who, having reached the retirement age of 62, have not yet accumulated the minimum contribution required to access at the Quota 103which this year has been made less attractive by the new fully contributory allowance calculation.

For those who choose to retire with Quota 97,6, the amount of the pension is calculated according to the usual methods. However, it is important to act promptly: the request for recognition of this condition must be submitted by May 2024.

There are three, as reported Money.it, the categories to which the benefit in question is aimed. In detail, this applies a lot to i public workers how much for i private who carry out particularly demanding tasks, such as:

Work in tunnels, quarries or mines, tasks carried out underground Work in quarries, tasks carried out by workers in quarries of stone and ornamental material Work in tunnels, tasks carried out by workers at the advance front Work in compressed air boxes Work carried out by divers Work in high temperatures, jobs that expose you to high temperatures, when it is not possible to adopt prevention measures, such as, by way of example, those of workers in second melting foundries, not remotely controlled, refractory workers, workers in manual casting operations. of hollow glass, tasks of blowers in the hollow glass industry carried out by hand and by blowing. Work carried out in confined spaces and in particular naval construction, repair and maintenance activities, tasks carried out within confined spaces, such as cavities, wells, double bottoms, board or large block structures Asbestos removal work. they work night shifts for most of the year; they are employed on the chain line; drive vehicles with a total capacity of no less than nine seats, used for public collective transport services. At 62 years and 6 months of age with at least 35 years of contributions; At 61 years and 7 months of age with at least 35 years and 11 months of contributions.

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These requirements apply only to employed workers. For i self-employedwe instead speak of a threshold of 98,6, where the contributory experience remains 35 years, but the required chronological age rises to 62 years and 7 months. The same rule applies to employees who work in night shifts for at least 72 nights a yearbut which do not reach the 78 nights necessary to satisfy the 97.6 quota requirement.

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