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Zhang Liyun: Accompanying all the way through wind and rain-东方 Fortune Net

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The job of the secretary to the board of directors is the origin of my relationship with the Shanghai Stock Exchange.It’s been 20 years since I first joined the bank as a representative of securities affairs. I remember my teacher, the company’s first secretary, brought a stack of “Shanghai Securities News” and told me that it was listed.Company AnnouncementIt is the basic form of communication with investors and also the basic skills of the secretary of the board of directors. In addition to being familiar with laws and regulations, he must also learn how to use rules and learn standardized formats and language expressions.announcementIn the beginning, the best textbook is the announcement published in the securities newspaper. Since then, the bulletin page of the “Shanghai Securities News” has become my daily must-read and collected newspaper clippings. After a period of time, the first hand of ink was finally exchanged for achievement. A related party transaction of the company requires a temporary announcement. The secretary of the board of directors went to Beijing during the review meeting for the refinancing project, and I was left alone. When I was at a loss, my mind suddenly flashed the “A Great Copy of World Articles” written on the blackboard by the university Chinese teacher in the first class. I turned around to find out the bulletin clippings I had collected before, and after conducting related transactions with several companies The announcement was carefully interpreted, and the company’s first related-party transaction announcement was drawn up in accordance with relevant rules. Although it is not complete, it has all the information elements that should be disclosed. Coincidentally, after I took the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s board secretary qualification training examination, the test question was the related party transaction announcement. At that time, I was secretly happy. Nowadays, with the development of the capital market and the widespread use of the Internet, newspaper clippings are no longer necessary. All temporary announcements of listed companies have already had standard format guidelines. Even so, I still retain the habit of earnestly studying other people’s announcements. .

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Delivering the announcement to the newspaper is an unforgettable journey for the Shanghai Stock Exchange and listed companies to go hand in hand. My “post-00” secretary to the board of directors, when he took over this work, had already realized the digitalization, and only needed to hand over the finalized 3-inch disk to the teacher of the newspaper at the exchange. Then it was mail. Until now, through the exchange through train platform, the announcement of listed companies and the publication of newspapers can be completed with one click. This kind of happiness is not obvious to me, but in the minds of my teacher’s generation of secretaries, there is a memory that will never be forgotten. Send it to the newspaper office, and then send it to the newspaper’s teacher Xinpi to input word by word into the computer. In order to ensure that the publication is correct, the secretaries of the board of directors have to proofread the manuscript verbatim and confirm it before finally delivering it for typesetting and printing. It can be seen how much time and effort it took to see each announcement in the newspaper from the first draft to the typeface. Therefore, as soon as the annual report season comes, the newspaper will be brightly lit up all night, and this will bring the spicy Sichuan restaurant downstairs to the newspaper. Today, it must be the place for Internet celebrities to check in.

In a blink of an eye, the 30th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Securities News, the listed company I work for——Jinfeng Winery(600616) It was listed in 1992, and it has been nearly 30 years. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has never been absent in every stage of the company’s development. The reporters and teachers in charge of the company’s business maintain regular communication with the company to understand the company’s development and industry trends. When the company releases regular reports or temporary announcements, they often work late into the night in order to track the release. It can be said that the Shanghai Stock Exchange is a witness to the company’s development.I remember that in early 2004, an individual in the companyshareholderLetter to independent directors and major shareholders, believing that as a minority shareholder, there is no effective channel to grasp the company’s development trends, and it is recommended that the company establish effective communication channels with major shareholders and investors, so that small and medium shareholders can understand the listed company and major shareholders in a timely manner Dynamic. This letter attracted the attention of the company’s board of directors and major shareholders.We researched together with the relevant departments of Shanghai Securities News, found the shareholders who wrote letters, invited some investors, and the leaders of the stock exchange, and heldJinfeng WineryThe first investor meeting since listing, fully communicated with shareholders. At the same time, in the “Shanghai Securities News“, we published “A Letter to Shareholders”, which not only met the needs of shareholders, but also enhanced the company’s image. In the event of “Shanghai Securities News” entering a listed company, we invited investors to visit the company’s production base, further narrowing the distance between shareholders and the company, thus starting the company’s systematic investor relationship management Prologue to work.

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At the time of writing this article, at the time of the college entrance examination, at noon, the mobile phone was swiped by the high-profile essay questions of the Chinese paper, discussing the relationship between the “precipitation of time” and the “value of things”. I want to say that with the passage of time, the environment we live in is changing, and many things will settle down. It is not necessarily a glorious moment, nor is it necessarily a great achievement. It may be just a small event or inadvertently. A touch of the mark between the two, but it will always be there, just as the Shanghai Stock Exchange is always by your side, the mutual support and co-progressive relationship has never changed. This is value.

(Author Zhang Liyun,Jinfeng WinerySecretary of the board of directors and senior economist. )

(Source: Shanghai Securities News)


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