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Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission: SF Express’s legal obligations for “sign-for confirmation” value-added services are actually due-Latest News

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On September 12, a consumer reported to the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee that when using the “SF Express+” WeChat official account to send express delivery, they found that SF Express had provided a fee-based value-added service called “Sign for Confirmation” , The charge amount is 1 yuan. After purchasing this value-added service, the recipient needs to sign for the express delivery with the receipt code sent by SF or the last 6 digits of his ID card. Consumers believe that SF’s act of providing this value-added service infringes their legitimate rights and interests. .


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The Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee issued a response stating that, upon investigation, the “signature confirmation” service in the “Value-added Services” section of SF Express’s official website is introduced as follows: “‘Signature confirmation’ means that the recipient’s customer information or requirements need to be confirmed when the express is signed. A value-added service that the recipient customer signs for face-to-face, which can provide the customer with a receipt voucher in the event of a dispute between the recipient and the sender.

The specific method is as follows:

1. For domestic mainland mutual mailing, SF Express will push the receiving customer’s 6-digit receipt code through WeChat or mobile phone SMS. The receiving customer must present the receipt code to verify identity information during the delivery process;

2. When shipping from China to the United States, SF Express requires the recipient to sign and confirm the receipt, and the sender can check the photo of the receipt.

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3. Charging standard:

1. Mutual shipping between mainland China: 1 yuan/ticket;

2. Shipping from the mainland to the United States: CNY19/piece. “

Article 25 of the “Interim Regulations on Express Delivery” promulgated by the State Council and implemented on May 1, 2018 stipulates that “Enterprises operating express delivery services shall deliver express mail to the agreed receiving address, the recipient or the recipient designated The consignee and inform the recipient or the consignee of the acceptance in person. The consignee or the consignee has the right to check and accept the consignee in person.”

The Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee believes that:

The inspection and acceptance in the Regulations shall include face-to-face inspection and receipt of the goods. The value-added service of “receipt confirmation” launched by SF Express is actually a statutory obligation of the courier company.

SF Express arbitrarily split the “receipt confirmation” from the due statutory service content, suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers by setting up a name for charges; SF Express launching this value-added service can easily make consumers mistakenly think that if you don’t check it For this service item, SF Express may not provide the “receipt confirmation” service, which is suspected of misleading consumers.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission made it clear that all delivery companies should provide and optimize services in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations to effectively improve consumer satisfaction.


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