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Zhitong Hong Kong Stocks Know It Early | Personal First Housing Provident Fund Loan Interest Rate Cut NIO-SW (09866) Q3 Delivery Volume Hits New High

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Zhitong Hong Kong Stocks Know It Early | Personal First Housing Provident Fund Loan Interest Rate Cut NIO-SW (09866) Q3 Delivery Volume Hits New High
© Reuters. Zhitong Hong Kong stocks knew early | The personal housing provident fund loan interest rate was cut NIO-SW (09866) Q3 delivery volume hit a record high

[Today’s headlines]


The central bank announced today that starting from October 1, 2022, the interest rate on the first personal housing provident fund loan will be lowered by 0.15 percentage points, and the interest rates of less than 5 years and more than 5 years will be adjusted to 2.6% and 3.1% respectively. For example, if the provident fund loan is 1 million yuan, the loan is 30 years, and the repayment method is equal to the principal and interest, and the cumulative 30-year monthly payment will be reduced by 29,500 yuan.

From the perspective of the industry, the central bank’s lowering of the first personal housing provident fund loan interest rate is not only conducive to better matching the downward trend of housing-related commercial mortgage loan interest rates, but also conducive to further improving the convenience of borrowing and repayment. Sexual housing demand has a supporting role.

On September 30, the Ministry of Finance issued an announcement on the personal income tax policy to support residents to buy houses. From October 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023, the sale of self-owned houses and the re-opening of the existing houses in the market within one year after the sale of the existing houses. Taxpayers who purchase houses are entitled to tax rebates for the personal income tax they have paid for the sale of their existing houses. Among them, if the amount of the newly purchased house is greater than or equal to the transfer amount of the current house, all the paid individual income tax will be refunded; if the amount of the newly purchased house is less than the transfer amount of the current house, the amount of the new house purchased will be refunded according to the proportion of the amount of the current house transfer. Personal income tax paid.

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Zhitong Comments: The policy is generally favorable for the domestic real estate sector.

【General Outlook】

U.S. stocks closed down last weekend, with the S&P 500 down 1.51% to 3585.62 points, a new closing low since November 23, 2020. The Dow Jones fell 1.71% to 28,725.51 points, a new closing low since November 12, 2020. The Nasdaq fell 1.51% to 10,575.62, hitting a new closing low since July 29, 2020. The ADR index of Hong Kong stocks closed at 17089 points on a proportional basis, down 76.10 points or 0.45% from the Hong Kong close.

【Hot spot preview】

[Bank of America: UK stocks to see record outflows in 2022]

Investors have withdrawn $18bn from UK equity funds so far in 2022, Bank of America figures show, in what will be the worst year for capital outflows from UK equities, surpassing previous years and marking a sign The seventh year in a row saw capital outflows. Involves the relevant Hong Kong stock HSBC Holdings (00005).

Geely Holdings announced that it has completed the acquisition of a 7.60% stake in British ultra-luxury performance brand Aston Martin Lagonda International Holdings. Involving Hong Kong stock Geely Auto (00175).

[The two parties in the Liu Qiang Dongmingzhou case ended with a settlement]

The Liu Qiang Dongmingzhou case ushered in an unexpected turning point. On the evening of October 1, North American time, the legal teams of both parties issued a joint statement, stating that the two sides of the case had reached a settlement, and the details of the settlement were not announced. The case was scheduled to begin Oct. 3 in Hennepin County District Court in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Interface News) JD.com related Hong Kong stocks involved: JD.com Group-SW (09618), JD.com Health (06618), JD.com Logistics (02618), etc.

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[From October 1st, the production and operation of electronic cigarettes should hold a tobacco monopoly license!]

According to regulatory regulations, starting from October 1, e-cigarette market entities engaged in the production and operation of e-cigarettes should obtain a tobacco monopoly license. Electronic cigarette manufacturers, atomizer manufacturers, manufacturers of nicotine for electronic cigarettes, wholesale enterprises of electronic cigarettes, and retail entities of electronic cigarettes that have obtained tobacco monopoly licenses in accordance with the law shall conduct transactions through the electronic cigarette transaction management platform. Hong Kong stocks involved in related electronic cigarettes include Jia Yao Holdings (01626), BYD Electronics (00285), Smol International (06969), China Bolton (03318), Huabao International (00336), China Tobacco Hong Kong (06055), etc.

China Shenhua (01088) withdrew from Australia’s Watermark Coal Mine Project】

Zhitong Finance APP News, China Shenhua (01088) issued an announcement. Recently, the company received a notice from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shenhua Watermark Coal Mining Co., Ltd. (“Watermark Company” ) was cancelled on September 1, 2022. The company has completely withdrawn from the Watermark coal mine project in Australia.

[Single stocks are sunny]


Zhitong Finance APP News, NIO-SW (09866) announced that NIO will deliver 10,878 vehicles in September 2022. The deliveries included 7,729 high-end smart electric SUVs, including 1,895 ES7s, and 3,149 high-end smart electric sedans, including 2,928 ET7s and 221 ET5s. NIO delivered 31,607 vehicles in the third quarter of 2022, a year-on-year increase of 29.3%, setting a new record for quarterly deliveries. As of September 30, 2022, NIO’s cumulative vehicle deliveries reached 249,500 vehicles.

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CITIC Securities released a research report saying that it maintains the “buy” rating of Weilai-SW (09866), and it is expected to turn losses into profits by 2024, with a GAAP net profit of 1.3 billion yuan and a target price of 181 Hong Kong dollars, which is expected to be revalued. The bank believes that the listing volume of the company’s NT2.0 platform products (especially ET5) is expected to gradually dispel market concerns.

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