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Zhong Xuegao’s response to the failure of the ice cream to burn is that many ice creams produced in compliance with the regulations fail to burn? – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

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Zhong Xuegao’s response to the failure of the ice cream to burn is that many ice creams produced in compliance with the regulations fail to burn?  – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

On the morning of July 6, Zhong Xuegao officially issued a statement in response to recent hot events such as ice cream burning. Zhong Xuegao mentioned in the statement that all ice cream products are legally produced in accordance with national standards and will leave the factory after passing the test. It is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by baking, drying or heating ice cream.


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In the statement, Zhong Xuegao explained the formula, saying that the main ingredients in Zhong Xuegao’s sea salt coconut coconut ice cream formula are milk (35.8%), cream (19.2%), coconut milk (11.2%), added sugar Condensed milk (7.4%), whole milk powder (6.0%), etc. The protein content in the product is 6.3g/100g, and the solid content is about 40%, which is higher than the national standard GB/T 31119-2014 “Frozen Drink Ice Cream”. Content ≥ 20% requirement.

At the same time, in response to the hotly debated carrageenan by netizens, Zhong Xuegao said that carrageenan is derived from red algae and is widely used in ice cream, ice cream and drinks. A moderate amount of carrageenan helps the milk protein in ice cream to maintain a relatively stable state. The average amount of carrageenan added in each 78 grams of Zhongxuegao Sea Salt Coconut Coconut Ice Cream is about 0.032 grams, which is in line with the national standard GB 2760-2014 “National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives”. Production needs to be added in an appropriate amount”.

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The above incidents made ice cream quality issues on the hot search, but these methods are not scientific at all, and even very subjective in the eyes of authoritative experts.

Dr. Zhong Kai from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and director of the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center said through his Weibo that the speed of melting ice cream and ice cream is not a criterion for judging its quality. In theory, the more “dry goods”, such as milk protein, milk fat, lactose and other solids, the slower the ice cream and ice cream will melt. And popsicles made of “three essences” such as saccharin, pigments, and flavors melt quickly.

The thickener itself is very safe, and it can change the shape of ice crystals and participate in the formation of the soft taste of ice cream and ice cream. It can be seen from the ingredient list of Zhong Xuegao’s ice cream product that the carrageenan, alginic acid, locust bean gum and guar gum used are all natural soluble dietary fibers. Zhong Kai said that as long as the manufacturer complies with the national standards for the use of food additives and reasonably adds them according to the scope of use and the limit of use, there is no harm to human health.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University and a Ph.D. in food science, also pointed out that whether food is worth eating depends on its nutritional value. As for whether it becomes a liquid state after melting, it is not an evaluation index for food safety. Just because jellies don’t turn liquid at room temperature, and rinds don’t turn liquid at room temperature, doesn’t mean they’re unsafe.

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Are food additives harmful to health? In fact, people do not need to talk about “agent” discoloration. The State Administration for Market Regulation has conducted popular science on the safe use of food additives. It was pointed out that food additives played an important role in preservation, preservation, flavor and color, and convenient processing. For example, the baking soda used in steamed buns is a fluffing agent, the red yeast rice in red fermented bean curd is a pigment, the brine used in ordering tofu is a coagulant, and the soaked mangosteen is a sweetener.

my country implements a strict whitelist supervision system for food additives, and strictly reviews the safety and necessity of their use. As long as they are used in accordance with laws and regulations, they are safe and will not pose a threat to consumers’ health. The behavior of using food additives beyond the scope and limit has always been the focus of the market supervision department. In addition, additives in food are not used less or better.

Without adding preservatives, stricter sterilization temperature and longer sterilization time are required, which will inevitably increase the loss of nutrients, and improper storage is more likely to cause microbial contamination and cause food-borne diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should not be blinded by the “unknown” additives when choosing food, but should pay more attention to the nutrients contained in the food.

Some experts in the circle said that the reason why everyone has aroused heated discussions among users is mainly that everyone is not very satisfied with the high-priced ice cream. After all, these “assassins” are really too expensive, but the country has implemented new regulations and must clearly mark the price.

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