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Zhongjun Commercial Management (606.HK) landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to seize the high-barrier, high-quality track_Property

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Original title: Zhongjun Commercial Management (606.HK) landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to seize the high-barrier high-quality track

On July 2, China‘s integrated property management service provider Zhongjun Commercial Management Smart Service Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongjun Commercial Management”) successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Previously, Zhongjun Commercial Management also attracted the attention of the capital market due to its predictable growth and refined smart service positioning. At the same time, securities companies such as Essence Securities, CSF Securities, and Zhongtai International have issued reports expressing their full potential for future growth. Recognized. As of the close of July 2nd, Hong Kong stocks property stocks generally fell, Zhongjun Commercial Management bucked the trend and surged 8.11%, closing at 4 Hong Kong dollars per share, with a total market value of 8 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Zhongjun Commercial Management is an integrated property management service provider. The properties under management include residential, commercial properties (such as shopping malls and office buildings) and other types of properties, which are mainly positioned in the commercial management track. According to Jones Lang LaSalle’s data, as of December 31, 2020, the total construction area under management of Zhongjun Commercial Management ranked 15th among the property management companies that provide commercial property management and operation services in China, relying on its strong comprehensive strength And commercial property operation capabilities, Zhongjun Commercial Management has won many industry awards “2020 China Commercial Real Estate Company Brand Value Top 6″ and “2021 China Real Estate Development Enterprise Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Operations”, etc. The above rankings or awards can reflect China Jun Commercial Management is the leading level in the field of commercial property management in the industry.

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Different from other listed property management companies, Zhongjun Commercial Management emphasizes its differentiated competitive advantages, such as focusing on the commercial management track, building a leading smart property management company, digital asset application platform, technology empowerment, brand output and other comprehensive strengths . In addition to having a good foundation for large-scale development, Zhongjun Commercial Management has been branded with “smart” attributes from its origin. This is also the differentiated advantage of Zhongjun Commercial Management from the current peer companies that also focus on commercial management.

According to the terms of the Cornerstone Investment Agreement, approximately 25% of the funds raised by Zhongjun Commercial Management’s global offering will also be used to invest in technology in the future to improve service quality, customer experience and engagement, and increase the company’s operational efficiency. It is specifically reflected in the enhancement of data collection capabilities and operational data analysis capabilities; building a shared membership platform for commercial and residential customers; using artificial intelligence AI robots to optimize basic property services; and upgrading intelligent systems such as facial recognition systems and intelligent parking systems and other technical applications Level.

On the day of listing on July 2, Mr. Huang Lun, Chairman of Zhongjun Commercial Management, said: We are very pleased that Zhongjun Commercial Management can successfully list on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. I would like to take this opportunity to thank investors for their recognition of Zhongjun Commercial Management and support the Group’s diversified property portfolio to create a “commercial + residential property” smart ecosystem for coordinated development.

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In the future, Zhongjun Commercial Management will continue to deepen wisdom first, strengthen investment in science and technology, improve service quality and brand awareness, lead the development of diversified industry formats, create a new service experience for residents, and gain the majority with the industry-leading management platform for the entire industry chain Customer trust and support. Zhongjun Commercial Management will also strive to become a leading smart life proposer and leader, consolidate its market position and cultivate more talents through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.Return to Sohu to see more


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