Home Business Zou Lan of the Central Bank: Urges foreign real estate companies to issue US dollar bonds to properly handle their own debts

Zou Lan of the Central Bank: Urges foreign real estate companies to issue US dollar bonds to properly handle their own debts

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On October 15, according to the Securities Times, the peopleBankDirector of the Department of Financial Markets, Zou Lan, stated at the financial statistics release conference for the third quarter of 2021 on October 15real estateThe impact of corporate bond defaults and other risk events, overseasreal estateThe price of corporate dollar bonds has fallen sharply, which is a natural reaction of the market after the occurrence of a default event.At present, relevant departments have paid attention to changes in overseas real estate companies and the U.S. dollar bond market, and will urge bond-issuing companies and theirshareholderStrictly abide by market discipline and rules, and in accordance with the principles of marketization and rule of law, properly handle its own debt problems, and actively perform statutory debt repayment obligations.

Zou Lan also said that the recent risk exposure of individual large-scale real estate companies, financial institutionsreal estateThe industry’s risk appetite has dropped significantly, consistent contraction behavior has appeared, and the growth rate of real estate development loans has dropped significantly. This short-term overreaction is a normal market phenomenon.In response to these situations, the peopleBank, The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has held a real estate financial work symposium at the end of September to guide the mainBankAccurately grasp and implement the real estate financial prudential management policy, and maintain the real estateCreditStable and orderly launch to maintain the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

(Source: Caijing.com)

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Article source: Caijing.com

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Original Title: Newsletter | Zou Lan from the Central Bank: Urges overseas real estate companies that issue USD debt to properly handle their own debts

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