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ͶᡶWHIKO ֮աļ˶ּ 䲻ͣʢĿ-ʱк-

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ͶᡶWHIKO ֮աļ˶ּ 䲻ͣʢĿ-ʱк-

202271831գ ͶЯ WHIKO֮ƳWHIKO ֮ա޵IP WHIKO ֮չWHIKOIPͶᣡļ˶ּڼƳϵдŻݡֵŹֻϲڤ˼“֮” ֮԰̽ҹͶ˹ʢĿ????

Ȥζ˶ͷ ȥͣ

ͶὫ˶ƽ̳۽ᳱ Net µرꡣ71831գᰮּٷϲԶΪڹŹ뷨ĵWHIKOЯ˼Ͷᣬ֮ԶںϽ˶УWHIKO ֮ա˶ּ

ֳ˴IPչ200O˶ֳ ʱԲ׽Ȥ the end of the year



15׵ ijˣ WHIKO ֮ һ ﻬ ı հɣ ij ݣ λöȤζ ׳ʣ һ ׸ֵ ܿ ٶ ȣ ֮


HI ȴ ܳʵ ر WHIKOһ һ Υͯ꣡һ Ծ ߴ ѹĴЦȼĿ


VRջ Ͷһ֮ŵѪԾµĴ⳵ͣ¶Net ȷ˧ʱ̡


վҪ죡ϵͨĶźţWHIKOһΪ磻Ԫbiubiu ˶ĶͰ֮֮Ͷֵ롣


Ŵ 10000֮飬ƴͼ廲ɴ飬˻ľƴWHIKOԽ˶WHIKOɣ


WHIKO ǽ 쿴 Ե Ĵ ֮ أ أ ӾеĴǽ £ WHIKOĵһ Ӱ Ӱ »ֻ 䡣



ᡶ WHIKO ա????̬ӺӰ ꒱

֮̽ֻ39Ԫ“֮ﻬ” “֮ı” “֮” “֮ѵ”ڻϷ68Ԫɲ4 ӻϷɲ “֮תվ” T1ΣлέȡWHIKOܱƷľäСƬʼDZֽļм̻ȯȷḻƷ“֮˶”ֳܳйӝ޴ڣ̽Ȥگ جͬãתྜΪڷֲɣ

ظϲ ʵụ

ͶᡶWHIKO ֮աڼ䣬Ϊ˿϶ԶذŻ廸ʵۣʷ׳ʵŻ廴ӱ飡

l ڵŹ6ۣ71-73գڱƳ120ԪŹ200Ԫֽͨȯ300Ԫʹ1ţ

l ڵȯŹ6ۣ71-73гڵƳ30ԪŹ50Ԫֽȯ50Ԫʹ1ţ

l Ϧɱ83-87гڵƳ7Ԫɱ20Ԫֽȯ30Ԫʹ1ţ

l А3֣Аﳩ3



ֻҺ ԰ ֻʱ ֻʱ жԪ 飬 Ƴ “ֻ Mall һ” ⣬ ǿʱС ֻ Ԫ ء۽ ע Ȥ 㣬 㣬 ӰͨIPӰͨ 黥 ߴ ӡͶ ע ش 飬 ۽ ȺʽWHIKO ֮

ͶӵжʳƷƣǰͿˡϾƵɽ¾Ӿݡɯʽ˹Ǭ԰ʺϡKFCȣ˿ʹζܡỪΪȨꡢBYDֱӪ̳ꡢMUJIURܴ????FILA AsicsOnitsuka TigerVANSNew EraAdidasKappaڶƷ콢꼰ֵ֪ͯӻʱ·糱ΪṩԪѡ

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