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ѹʵ Dave Smith һνԼγ׸ıϳ – midifanǹע

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ѹʵ Dave Smith һνԼγ׸ıϳ – midifanǹע

Dave Smith һβɷУMIDI ʮαֱͼġ

ڽSuperboothϣSequentialʼ˴ʷ˹Dave SmithּĽܡĸʱλֱ߽Prophet-5ⱻΪһͻԵ

չĶSequential ʼˣMIDI Э֮ Dave Smith ȥ

ǰȥϢԺ̶ Dave Smith

Dave Smith ΪɹĹؼ˵׷ֱֱά˽͵ְҵġ

Dave Smith ϸķչ̣Prophet-5εһչʾԼDZģ Prophet-5ҵһôdzáɫľˣһͻ Ե ֹ ߡ

ڷ˼һչҵӰʱ˵ Ժ󣬼кϳǸͿɱ̵ġ˵ϳĵһϳԺķչٶ˾ȡ

ڲɷõݣǹ Dave Smith εһνҵġϣȻּ̽е˷ܣһγʱеԼȲ


͵ ڵʱһ൱ķԾΪҴûô 飬ֻһ20ĺӡҲ֪漰ʲôδζˡ

By Dave Smith 1983 MIDI֮ʹȥֽĹ㷺Ȼͻ

ֵעǣProphet-5 ܻͣ״DzΪ Dave Smith ȥûֱӹϵDzֻ֪֪ڻԵԱҰ籡 Prophet ȫϵвƷ



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