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馃敶 LIVE | Judge at the Stock Exchange: “With security, you cannot do horse riding with Osde”

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馃敶 LIVE |  Judge at the Stock Exchange: “With security, you cannot do horse riding with Osde”

Former President Mauricio Macri and the candidate for governor of C贸rdoba for Together for Change, Luis Juez, participate this Tuesday in a lunch at the Stock Exchange of the Capital.

At the meeting, Macri will present his vision of current politics and Judge will outline his economic program for the provincial elections.


There were about 250 people, located at tables. A portion of potatoes, two quarters of dried tomatoes and a medallion of meat with mushroom sauce was the menu, washed down with Alambrado red wine, although there were also pitchers of water and soda. Before they served some canap茅s, to mitigate the anxieties.

Among those present at the meeting were Rodrigo de Loredo, candidate for mayor of C贸rdoba, and his deputy, deputy Soher el Sukaria; together with Marcos Carasso, candidate for Deputy Governor of Judge; the national deputy Mario Negri, and the leaders Pedro Dellarossa (former mayor of Marcos Ju谩rez) and Sebasti谩n Garc铆a D铆az (candidate for legislator for the Capital department).

“The Judge phenomenon and the Macri phenomenon overflowed the room,” said Manuel Tagle, the president of the Stock Exchange, opening his presentation.

Then he was full of praise for Macri and thanked Judge for being on the Stock Exchange to “expose the ideas” that he will carry out if he wins on June 25, something that Tagle considered probable.

“My thing is more political: the Government of the K was a tragedy,” said the businessman aligned with the macrismo.

About the ending, Tagle spoke to Judge. “Luis, you have to know that you are going to have to do an austerity management,” he told him.

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Elections 2023: Mauricio Macri, Manuel Tagle and Luis Juez at the C贸rdoba Stock Exchange. (Luis Judge press)

Judge’s word

Judge’s presentation began with a video in which a diagnosis of how the province of C贸rdoba is today was displayed, and what are the general lines of its government plan.

“We only need one opportunity”, was the phrase that closed the video, to later give rise to the word of the Judge.

From the lectern of the Stock Exchange, Judge watched the video that summarizes his plan for the middle class, focused on health and education, and his proposal to create 50,000 jobs in four years, motorized with a plan of 25,000 social housing, seasonality tourism and export development.

Then, he began by thanking the Stock Market. “This scenario always makes me uncomfortable… But the presence of Mauricio (Macri) gives me peace of mind,” added the candidate for governor.

Judge, immediately, referred to the businessmen. “Many times, and don’t get mad at me, we let go of (Macri’s) hand,” said the senator and added. “We always let go of the hand of governments that are not Peronists.”

鈥淭hat Macri accompanies me is a monstrous accolade. Especially in front of these people who attach you to you and examine me, 鈥漢e acknowledged.

Then, Judge recounted what happened on Monday, when he went to Buenos Aires to defend his candidacy for governor against the attempt to include Schiaretti in Together for Change. “I told them not to make decisions for us, that we Cordovans know how to make decisions,” he stressed.

“We are going to defend C贸rdoba like no one has ever defended it in these 24 years,” Judge said in front of the businessmen. “Because not defending C贸rdoba is one of the most expensive provinces… what am I going to tell you,” he added.

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Immediately, Judge said that if he becomes governor, he will be someone “very prudent” in management. “I want them to value that,” he asked and clarified: “Which does not mean that he is a fearful guy.”

judge and security

In his presentation, he highlighted the issue of security. 鈥淚f 80% of Cordoba feel insecure, we are going to have to make decisions. Some we are going to have to take energetically, and in others society is going to have to accompany us. Because if we enter into this ‘hippism with Osde’ of wanting… We need to empower the Police, 鈥漵he assured.

Then, he said that the Code of Misdemeanors and the Code of Coexistence will have to be rediscussed, for example.

He also referred to drug trafficking. 鈥淚t is an issue that politics does not want to talk about. But we have a problem, 鈥漢e said. 鈥淭he unfortunate thing is that we are already Rosario… Without that violence. But the narco has already settled in C贸rdoba鈥.

According to the judge, C贸rdoba will need to be 鈥渁rmored鈥.

He also repeated that he will be the Minister of Security in his management. 鈥淚t is an issue that I am going to take care of personally. Because we need authority… Today, people feel insecure even in a country, 鈥漢e illustrated.

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