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12 Constellation Love Fortunes in 2023: Aquarius and Cancer should pay attention to I

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12 Constellation Love Fortunes in 2023: Aquarius and Cancer should pay attention to I

Original title: 12 zodiac love fortunes in 2023: Aquarius and Cancer should pay attention to I Tarot Magic Clubhouse

If you are confused, just find the little Tarot knight, hello everyone! The 2023 work and wealth fortune has been released, and today we will take a look at the 2023 love fortune that everyone is most concerned about! On the whole, in 2023, Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn may have emotional ups and downs; Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio will enjoy the intimacy and stability of the two-person world. Special reminder: The fortune divination for the whole year of 2023 has started, @塔罗小骑士雨晨(tarrotjasper), 14 years of professional divination, solve your confusion!

Those who already have a partner: Finding that the two parties have been arguing all the time, unable to reach conclusions and consensus on future planning, it is better to stop the dispute first, and do things that both parties are interested in in life, which will bring joy, relaxation and closeness to each other.

Those who do not have a partner: On the way of travel, at the reunion of classmates, meet someone who is compatible with each other. However, once the enthusiasm cools down, the focus will be on work and making money, forgetting about daily communication and communication, and neglecting to maintain relationships.

Taurus (4/21~5/20): Become closer to each other

Those who already have a partner: can face the unsatisfactory things in life, and make the relationship between each other closer. Reducing the activities of running outside can create a more comfortable living space for each other in the second half of the year and increase the time spent together.

Those who do not have a partner: Because of participating in short-term studies and advanced training, they meet people who can talk to each other. Under the pressure of the course, they support each other and gradually develop feelings for each other. But the two parties need to deal with the unfinished old relationship in order to have a common next step.

Gemini (5/21~6/21): Your partner becomes a netizen, but you can talk openly

Those who already have a partner: each other is busy with their own affairs, the intersection of coexistence becomes less and less, and they become pseudo-netizens who “talk” through LINE. When we met, I didn’t know what to say or not, but I was able to communicate with my heart through the communication software.

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Those without a partner: The person you meet in spring and autumn makes you feel familiar, or a past emotional topic comes back to you. But my heart is throbbing, and I approach each other with a cherished heart.

Cancer (6/22~7/22): Prepare to be lost

Already have a partner: Face your inner needs honestly, and no longer have any worries about communicating with your partner. Regardless of the good or bad aspects, spread them out and discuss them; and be prepared that the relationship may end if the other party cannot accept it.

Those without a partner: When you meet someone who is actively childish, you can get along easily without wearing any camouflage masks. There is a natural spark that makes both parties want to enter into a stable relationship. But the families of both parties will bring twists and turns, which will test the firmness of both parties’ hearts.

Leo (7/23~8/22): Clarify your emotional needs

Those who already have a partner: feel lost because of expectations and requirements of the other party, and gradually understand how they should view the emotional relationship between the two parties. It is recommended to put the focus back on yourself first and take care of yourself. In spring and autumn, the other half will be in a state of needing to be supported, and because you understand each other, you will become the strong backing of the other half.

Those without a partner: eager to fall in love. Because of the dating software and the way of traveling, you can meet someone who makes your heart beat in summer. However, you can’t reap the rewards if you invest in emotions. After reflection and precipitation, you will clarify your emotional needs, and you will meet someone who is compatible with you in late autumn and early winter.

Virgo (8/23~9/22): Understand and cherish each other better

Those who already have a partner: Because of the emotional events that happened to your friends, you cherish each other more, understand and know your other half more attentively. And when the other half needs it, they will stop what they are doing and listen to each other; and the other half will respond and support your emotional needs.

Those who do not have a partner: meet someone you admire at work or study, and occasionally chat through communication software. However, due to busyness and passive personality, it will not be until the end of June or October that they will confirm their intentions and start dating. Based on the consensus of both parties, it will not be made public for the time being.

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Libra (9/23~10/21): love again because of a new attempt

Already have a partner: I am too used to the mode of getting along, and feel that something is missing in the stability. There are some things that I want to communicate, but both of them feel that they don’t know how to talk about it. Both parties want to learn new things together, or arrange vacations together to do some untried things, which arouses enthusiasm and feels like falling in love again.

Those without a partner: When you get along with each other, you will be swept by a romantic and throbbing atmosphere. But because of the realistic view of money, values, and the gap in personality, and the other party did not fully confess, the romantic throbbing turned into an indescribable sigh.

Scorpio (10/22~11/21): Enjoy the sense of belonging in daily life

Those who already have a partner: Because of the stable support of the other half, you can face the uncertainty in life and the interpersonal pressure at work with peace of mind, and experience the tacit understanding of daily relationship and the sense of belonging that is understood by the other party.

No partner yet: Because of fighting side by side and experiencing ups and downs, a revolutionary friendship developed, and then fell in love with each other. It was only during the time when we got closer together that we discovered the gap in the growth environment. It is not easy to challenge each other’s personalities if we want to continue walking.

Sagittarius (11/22~12/21): Encounter an old lover and touch each other’s hearts

Those who already have a partner: During holidays, the other half often participates in various activities outside. Although I feel happy and pure in my heart, I still feel that I am not taken seriously. In July, because we have to face family affairs together, we spend more time together and find a common goal in the future.

Those who don’t have a partner: they don’t really want to settle down in their hearts, and hold a companion who can talk, have fun, and enjoy the feeling of love. If the feeling fades, say goodbye. In the summer, in the common community, I will meet old lovers who have not been in touch for a long time, and each other’s hearts will be touched again.

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Capricorn (12/22~1/19): The concept of money is not compatible, but the relationship will gradually warm up

Those who already have a partner: Because of money problems, inner conflicts and entanglements are caused, and each other chooses to deal with them coldly. But the cold treatment made each other deliberately reduce getting along with each other. It was not until the end of autumn that the relationship between the two gradually warmed up.

Those without a partner: meet someone who meets the conditions in your heart. In terms of outlook on life, money, and the quality of life, they are quite compatible. However, there will be competitors in the process, making the relationship into a three-party ambiguous state, and it will not be possible to get out of trouble until the end of the year.

Aquarius (1/20~2/18): The needs and expectations for relationships will change

Those who already have a partner: Reduce social activities and give yourself more space to rest and be alone. There are untouchable landmines in the relationship, and I will not deal with them for the time being with an evasive attitude. Although there is a distance between each other’s hearts, getting along is as easy as friends.

Unmarried: Feel comfortable with being alone. On study occasions or family trips, if you meet someone you like, you will become lovers in a short period of time, but the peak of love will also fade in a short period of time.

Pisces (2/19~3/20): immersed in a romantic atmosphere

Those who already have a partner: After various frictions in life, their emotional maturity has increased. Realize that let yourself live happily first, and the friction between each other will naturally decrease. The two parties took advantage of work breaks to travel, and because there were no chores to interfere during the process, they enjoyed the happiness of spending time together.

Those without a partner: spend time and energy on study, enjoy themselves in study, but are very indifferent to falling in love. After autumn, there will be people who are attracted to each other in the workplace, but you just want to stop in the romantic atmosphere of chatting.

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