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16 posters of international awards for the famous Chinese film “Hello, Beijing” – Qianlong.com.cn

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16 posters of international awards for the famous Chinese film “Hello, Beijing” – Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: 16 posters of international awards for the famous Chinese film “Hello, Beijing”

Recently, the warm realism film “Hello, Beijing”, supervised and directed by Cao Qianqian, produced by Beijing Yingzhi Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Zhongyin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., won 16 consecutive international film awards, and grandly launched the award-winning film. The poster, with the blue sky and the representative buildings of Beijing city as the background, the characters collectively live in the poster with the attitude of flying upward, full of vigor and indomitable

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Shine with 16 overseas international awards, show cultural confidence

“Hello, Beijing”, as a dark horse, shows at home and abroad the belief that the high-quality Chinese films it represents will stand out in the international film market, and the strong self-confidence displayed by Chinese culture, and also let the film industry practitioners at home and abroad see And the audience saw the infinite potential of “Hello, Beijing”.

Since the second half of 2021, good news for “Hello, Beijing” has been reported frequently. It has successively won the Golden Lotus Award for Outstanding Newcomer, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Newcomer at the 13th Macau International Film Festival. Nominated for Best Director and Outstanding Producer at the Golden Lotus Award at the three Macau International Film Festivals, and won Best Film, Best New Director, Best Actress, and Best New Actor at the 9th New Zealand Asia-Pacific International Film Festival 4 awards, and then won the Best Director nomination at the Amsterdam New Horizons International Film Festival/Septimius Film Festival. In addition, it also won the Best Film at the 2022 Moscow Independent Film Festival, the Cannes Silk Road Film Award for Best Feature Film, The Remy Award of the 55th Houston International Film Festival, the Best Film Award of the Tokyo Film Festival, and the Best Film of the 2022 China-Canada International Film Festival and the Best Film of the Main Competition Section of the 2022 ARFF Barcelona International Film Festival. Up to now, the film “Hello, Beijing” has won 16 international awards, becoming the most eye-catching Chinese-language film in the international film market in the past two years.

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Tolerance and self-confidence transmit upward power

“Hello, Beijing” is directed and produced by Cao Qianqian, starring actors An Zehao, Liu Ben, and Li Feiran, and starring Hai Yitian, Guo Jinglin, Zhang Xilin, Wang Qianhua, Bai Yongcheng, Shen Xiaohai, Sun Xun, Fu Chengpeng, Li Shengze, and Jiang Ping , Xu Zheng and others made special appearances. The three generations of old, middle-aged and young actors have assembled and performed the show with strength, coupled with the joining of the top production team, the quality and reputation of the film have been highly praised at home and abroad.

“Hello, Beijing” tells the story of an entrepreneurial middle-aged man, a courier and a young singer who encountered all kinds of ups and downs in the international metropolis of Beijing, and made progress in the struggle and hardship. With the help of family and friends A healing story about regaining hope and overcoming difficulties. The film is not limited to a certain point or a certain level, but a more comprehensive observation of the current Chinese society. The infiltration of light comedy elements makes it free from excessive tragic narrative. There are laughter and tears, sadness without hurt, emotion without force, portrayal without intention, just right.

“Hello, Beijing” also shows the profound cultural heritage and international vision of Beijing, an international metropolis, which is inclusive, open and eclectic; it also allows countless audiences to see that under the background of the new era, little people persevere in adversity and work hard. Create a better life with an upward attitude.

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