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20 awards announced at the 34th China Film Golden Rooster Awards-Entertainment News-Market Information Network

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20 awards announced at the 34th China Film Golden Rooster Awards

Market Information Network 2022-01-06 15:47:42 Source: People’s Daily Online Comment:

Our newspaper, Xiamen, December 30 (Reporter Liu Xiaoyu) On the evening of the 30th, the 34th China Film Golden Rooster Awards ceremony co-sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Chinese Film Association and the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government was held in Fujian Province Held in Xiamen, a total of 20 awards were selected, including best feature film, best foreign language film, best director, best actor, and best actress.

“Island Watcher” won the Best Feature Film Award, “My Hometown and Me” won the Jury Special Award, and “Father Trapped in Time” won the Best Foreign Language Film Award. Zhang Yimou won the Best Director Award for “Above the Cliff”, Yu Xi, Huang Xin, and Zhao Ningyu won the Best Screenplay Award for the screenplay “1921”. Actors Zhang Yi and Zhang Xiaofei respectively won the movie “Above the Cliff” and “Hello, Li Huanying” The wonderful performances in the movie won the Best Actor Award and the Best Actress Award. Actors Fan Wei and Zhu Yuanyuan respectively won the Best Supporting Actor Award and Best Supporting Actress Award for their performances in the movies “One Second” and “My Sister” . The best foreign language film awards are selected for the first time this year, aiming to explore the establishment of international standards and Chinese aesthetic film award standards. The Lifetime Achievement Film Artist of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles awarded three old artists: Lu Qiming, Zhang Xinyan, and Li Qiankuan.

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This event lasted for 3 days, covering seven categories including film awards, awards, Golden Rooster International Film Festival, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Film Festival, domestic new film festival, Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference, and academic forums. A total of 185 films were registered for this year’s Golden Rooster Awards, and 41 shortlisted films were produced, including 16 feature films, 12 small and medium cost feature films, 6 children’s films, and 7 foreign language films.

Since 2019, Xiamen has established a number of film and television industry infrastructures such as a film and television shooting base, Jimeiji Film and Television Cultural and Creative Park, and established 3 film and television professional colleges, and successively launched a series of film and television industry support measures, attracting a group of film and television culture Such funds settled in Xiamen.

“People’s Daily” (14th edition on December 31, 2021)

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