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2021 Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival Awards Concert Held-Sanxiang Vientiane-Hunan Online

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Gather youth power to show youth style

2021 Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival Awards Concert Held

On the evening of November 21, the 2021 Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival awards concert was held in the multifunctional theater of Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center.Photo courtesy of Wang Lei

Changsha Evening News, November 21 (all media reporter Hu Zhaohong) On the evening of the 21st, the 2021 Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival awards concert was held in the multifunctional theater of Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center. The contestants who stood out from the competition took home their own honors and sang passionately on the stage again, showcasing their youthful power and self-demeanor.

The event was guided by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Hunan Provincial Broadcasting and Television Bureau, the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, the Changsha Cultural Tourism Radio and Television Bureau, the Communist Youth League Changsha Municipal Committee, the Zhuzhou Cultural Tourism Radio, Television and Sports Bureau, and Xiangtan Co-sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Sports.

The 2021 Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival was launched in May. The competition includes two sections: the collection of the theme song of the festival and the exhibition competition of singers and bands. After screening by the judges, from more than 150 works, “Together” was finally selected as the theme song of the 2021 Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival. In addition, 4 songs for the second prize and 5 songs for the third prize were selected. In the singer and band competition, a total of 77 singers were recommended and selected by 33 colleges and universities in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, and 24 bands participated. After the preliminary and semi-final rounds of screening, 20 singers and 15 bands finally appeared on the stage for a showdown. In the end, 3 contestants won the championship, runner-up and third runner-up respectively, 7 contestants won the Top Ten Singer Award, and 10 contestants won the Outstanding Singer Award. In the band group, there were also 3 bands that won the first, second and third place respectively, 7 bands won the Top Ten Band Award, and 5 bands won the Outstanding Band Award.

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The awards concert kicked off with the theme song of the Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival “Together”. Pikachu Duoduo, a 15-year-old college student singer with more than 5 million fans on the short video platform, appeared in the performance and sang the theme song of Chang-Zhu-Tan University students to the audience. Subsequently, some of the winning works of the participating schools in this music festival were staged at the concert in turn. Musical works such as “Bringing Goodness from the Past to the Future” by Hunan Communications Vocational and Technical College, “Night in Ulaanbaatar” by Changsha University, “Feeling good” by Central South University, “FLY” by Changsha Vocational College of Commerce and Tourism, or full of The longing for a better life, or yearning for an exotic life, or showing contemporary college students’ pursuit of a free life, presented a wonderful musical feast to the audience.

The purpose of this music festival is to implement the Action Plan for the Integrated Development of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan in 2021. In accordance with the central, provincial and municipal plans for promoting the integrated development of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, we will use music as a link to promote the high-quality integration of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. Develop and promote the exchange and interaction of college students. The success of the Chang-Zhu-Tan University Student Music Festival fully demonstrated the passionate spirit of university students, and embodies the strong artistic atmosphere and rich music quality of the university.

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Singer category awards

First place: Jin Shiyu-Hunan Normal University

Second place: He Xiaofan-Central South University

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Third place: Chen Yiyue——Hunan University of Science and Technology

Top Ten Singer Awards:

Li Chenxi——Changsha Vocational and Technical College of Commerce and Tourism

Hu Meng-Changsha University

Yin Jianglin-Changsha Normal University

Li Yijia-Changsha University

Group singing-Central South University

Zhao Yunxia-Hunan Police Academy

Feng Sheng-Hunan Agricultural University

Outstanding Singer Award:

Luo Yaxin-Hunan First Normal University

Cheng Xinyang——Hunan Institute of Technology

Liang Jingyi——Hunan University of Technology

Wang Songyang-Xiangtan University

Xiang Dujuan-Hunan University of Technology

Li Gang——Xiangtan Institute of Technology

Xie Hongjiang-Hunan University of Finance and Economics

Zhang Mingzhou-Hunan University of Technology

Wang Helei——Hunan Normal University

Nie Ziyu-Hunan University of Technology

Band group awards

First place: Xiaoxiang Modern Jazz Orchestra-Hunan Normal University

Second place: FreeTempo——Hunan Technology and Business University

Third place: Lovers & Puppy——Hunan Transportation Vocational and Technical College

Top Ten Band Awards:

RW Orchestra-Hunan First Normal University

Abandoned Geng Band——Changsha College

Time-lapse wind-Hunan Normal University

Orange Band-Xiangtan University

Tempo Process——Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Jellyfish Club-Hunan University

Don’t grab me blue-Hunan University of Science and Technology

Outstanding Band Award:

Ideal world-Hunan University of Technology

Le Guang Forest-Changsha Teachers College

Mr. Solo——Hunan Nonferrous Metals Vocational and Technical College

Puyou Ding——Hunan University of Technology

Atomization trajectory-Changsha University of Science and Technology

Original Excellent Theme Song Award

First prize: “Together”

Second prize: “Struggle to be youthful”, “Flowers, Seas and Stars”, “Dream in the Heart”, “Starlight to You”

Third Prize: “Youth Hits the Future”, “The Edge of Youth”, “Young For Now”, “Growth·Exploration” and “Four Seasons”

Source: Changsha Evening News


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