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2021 Huachenyu’s concert warmly ends, with infinite romance, will heal to the end

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Original title: 2021 Hua Chenyu’s concert warmly ends, with infinite romance and healing to the end

Full of reluctance and memories! On December 5th, the “2021 Huachen Yu Mars Concert” officially ended! “This is the last day of Mars and the sixth day of Mars.” After a two-week journey home from Mars, the Mars Paradise is full of surprises, tears, rushing, warmth, heat and other endless beauty, and the Martians Say goodbye slowly. Before the deadline, the “Mars Concert” during the entire project period had a total of 100+ hot searches on the entire network. The main topic of the concert #2021华晨宇波斯巡会# has over 3.4 billion readings, over 25 million discussions, and 3.2 original creators. Million, nearly 100+ related derivative topics. Among them, classic scenes such as #华晨宇音乐会把家 Moving on stage#, #华晨宇把唱会开成音乐课#, #华晨宇新歌首唱#, #华晨宇唱会军训式合唱#, condensed into classic scenes The beautiful memories of tens of thousands of Martians. All of this has its own improvisational sparks, but more of it comes from Hua Chenyu and his team’s meticulous setting for 2 years. In order to create an immersive experience of “Leaving the Earth to Mars” on the 6th, the Mars concert opened a tense stage construction one month in advance; the whole stage design is beautiful and dreamy, with a great atmosphere, or the most beautiful flower blooms in the atrium; or laser Shock the soul in all directions; or the colorful ribbons all over the sky, formally welcome the new world! Hua Chenyu also really moved his family to the stage, chatting with fans, playing games, and eating and drinking together. As the chief director, he became a heart-warming brother, carefully preparing anti-mosquito water, and reminding fans of what to wear according to the weather. Clothes, every time an impromptu singing, is full of love for Martians, rubbing tenderness into every detail. At the same time, generous display of various skills such as carillon, playing discs, flute, piano… The warmth and touchingness of this “Spring Blossom” covenant is worthy of being remembered all the time!

Mars concert will “go home” to the end. Ten thousand people will enjoy the fireworks and enjoy the ultimate romance

This Mars concert closely revolves around keywords such as “go home” and “spring blossoms”. The daily afternoon show is like a family who has reunited after a long time to reminisce about the past, with infinite warmth! Seeing Hua Chenyu move his home on the stage, the Martians did not admit defeat: there were couples lying on the lawn of the Martian concert; some moved the air bed to the scene; some moved mahjong into the Martian paradise; even more Martians wanted to show Huahua. When he cos directly into “Godzilla”… When singing “The World is a Zoo”, Hua Chenyu directly turned the concert into an open music class. He sang a sentence and learned a sentence from fans. The audience was enthusiastic and interacted with many fans. : With such an expensive music teacher, it’s hard to learn well! The unplugged version of “The Return of the Master” is also full of praise. The whole song is not modified by electronic vocal music. Hua Chenyu’s voice further emphasizes the original melody. It is gentle and leisurely, which makes people want to stay in this slow time indefinitely.

At night, the style of painting changes suddenly, and it jumps directly to the maddening and cool dance scene. Whenever the rock melody such as Monkey King, Heterogeneity, Bullfighting, etc., tens of thousands of Martians get rid of their worries. , Just for music and love carnival. Some netizens commented: Hua Chenyu is the most powerful DJ. He gave the order that the average fan height is 5 cm, and he enjoys his happiness. On the night of the sixth day, Hua Chenyu promised that the fans’ red hair was immediately arranged in the afternoon. He said: “I am very obedient, and I promised you all your requests.” At the same time, pointed at the hair. The fixed firework session every night is also a unique memory point of this Mars Paradise. One by one, the brilliant light spots rise to the sky above Haikou, bursting out countless fireworks in an instant, which is very dreamy. Countless fireworks are shining brightly, rising up and scattered to various places, just like the Martian people who have gathered here from all over the world and have not been able to go to the Martian Paradise, making the promise of “we are together, spring is blooming” even more romantic!

“Mars Healing Trilogy” unlocked for the first time and won the praise of 2021 Mars Covenant Unlimited tears

Continuing the tradition of singing new songs in the Mars concert, this Mars concert unlocks a new song every day, making Martians have new expectations every day. In the first week, Hua Chenyu unlocked the well-understood “Flight Mode”, the Zen-inspired “Flowers in a Small Town” and the “Black and White Artists” with humorous and humorous comments, each song. The wind is different, it has a deep meaning, and it shows the sincerity of music. In the three days of the second week, Huahua successively unlocked the “Mars Healing Trilogy”: the first struggling chapter is “I miss me back”, which makes people feel distressed after hearing it; “Is the chapter of hope, and the melodious tunes bring you a unique warmth, and also give a healing power to the stressed and confused people in life; the third song “Let’s go and watch the sunrise together” is positioned as a future chapter. Just like the healing theme of the Mars concert “Above the Barrenness, Spring Blossoms”, escape for a short time, then focus on the future, and love the world better.

In addition, throughout the Mars concert, Hua Chenyu brought a number of musical instruments to show off his musical talents. “The World is a Zoo” plays the carillon, the sound is crisp and sweet, and the surrounding world seems to be tuned into a “low-level mode” by music, which is full of fun. The DJ version of “Alien” made countless Martians throw away their worries once again, saying: DJ Hua is so handsome that he faints! “We are all alone” joined the flute playing session, “rock singer playing the flute”, bringing the beauty of unique musical fusion. “Mayfly” brought a piano interpretation, making many Martians dream of returning to the “2019 Huachen Yu Mars Concert”. Impromptu singing is also a necessary part of the Martian concert. During the piano preparation, Huahua played improvisation “I hope you have fun, love and warmth at home these days”, and instantly poke the Martian tear glands!

With infinite warmth and emotion, the 2021 Mars concert officially ends. The end of one chapter is the beginning of another. With infinite emotion and memories, the Martians are full of expectations again, looking forward to the source of new songs, and looking forward to the future Mars appointment. Looking forward to coming home next time!

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