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2022 zodiac with the worst fortune for the year of the tiger

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Original Title: 2022 Year of the Tiger with the worst fortune

Each zodiac’s personality is different, so the way of doing things will be different, and when the new year comes, everyone’s fortune will change. Different zodiac signs have different development trends in different years. The same, then in the Year of the Tiger, which Chinese zodiac has the worst fortune?

Zodiac Tiger

In the Year of the Tiger, the life of the Tiger is undoubtedly the worst fortune, because the Chinese zodiac Tiger Earth Branch is ugly. When a ugly person encounters an ugly year, it is too old. It is also a term for the year of the natal. It indicates that the tiger will have many difficulties in 2022. Being ridden, especially in the workplace, is crowded with villains, setting up obstructions behind them, and the tigers have no ability to parry, they can only suffer silently. At the same time, there are some unexpected expenses in the fortune of the fortune, and the fortune will be overcast. This year, we need to be cautious and deal with it carefully. We must personally handle financial matters, including signing contracts and other important matters, so as not to miss the details. Here, if such a person is not cautious this year, there will be many people around to take advantage of the loopholes.

Zodiac snake

In the Year of the Tiger in 2022, when it comes to the poor fortune of the zodiac, the snake is also one of the things that cannot be ignored. Since the Earthly Branches of the Snake-born and the fleeting Taisui Earthly Branches are in a form of mutual punishment, the Snake-born will also encounter a lot of blows and influences from the Punishment Taisui this year. Fortunately, compared to the other zodiac signs that commit Tai Sui, although snakes are in the crisis of Tai Sui this year, fortunately, there are not many evil stars in the palace, so their own fortune development is not too great. After being bleak, the fortune of this year is relatively unremarkable. In terms of career, under the influence of the evil star’s “cross-talk”, snakes may encounter villain crises in the workplace, especially related to labor disputes or unlawful lawsuits, etc., should pay more attention to them, once their own interests and safety are involved. You must fight back with reason and fight back bravely, so as not to be framed by the villain’s design. Counterattack is a way of protection for yourself.

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Zodiac Monkey

The fortune of the monkeys in 2022 is actually very unsatisfactory, because the monkeys are not very prosperous in their careers, relationships or health in the year of the new year. There are always obstacles in my career that affect my work progress. On the other hand, it is easy to have conflicts and quarrels with your partner in terms of relationship, which leads to a worsening relationship with each other. As for health, it is necessary to pay attention to some accidents and avoid physical conflicts with people, otherwise it is easy to cause disasters. Therefore, you must pay more attention to safety, so as to minimize the troubles this year, otherwise the disasters around you will occur more frequently.Return to Sohu to see more


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