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2023 2/4~3/5 Fortune Interpretation (Figures)

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2023 2/4~3/5 Fortune Interpretation (Figures)

The first month of the Kuimao year is from February 4th to March 5th. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

From February 4th to March 5th of the Gregorian calendar in 2023 is the Jiayin month of the Guimao year, which is the first month of the Guimao year in the sense of numerology. From the beginning of Jiayin month, it is February 4th in the Gregorian calendar (the fourteenth day of the first month in the lunar calendar). Once the fourteenth day of the first lunar month of this year arrives, it will be regarded as the real entry into the Kuimao year in the sense of numerology.

The combination of the five elements in the Kuimao year is Kuishuisheng Maomu, and the combination of the five elements in the Jiayin month is Jiamu Zuyinmu.

The combination of year and month, Jiayin month has sufficient energy of the five elements and yang wood, which is an excellent fortune support for those who love wood; for those who hit wood too hard, it will cause imbalance of the five elements and great pressure month. For example, if you hit wood too much, and wood is more than robbery, then you will spend a lot of money this month, and your relationship will not go well; Especially many, it is easy to have health problems due to fatigue.

The zodiac monkey, this month is due to Yin Shenchong, there will be more walking and traveling, and there will be more changes in life.

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In the year of Kuimao, breaking the army and transforming the salary means that there will be many big changes and transformations in this year. Coupled with Jiayinyue’s power to break the army, the motivation for this change will be particularly strong. Many people will have ideas about job content adjustments, career changes, relocation, and emotional changes this month, and put them into action.

Jiamu is the head of the ten heavenly stems, and Jiamu is a towering tree, representing a positive state. In Jiayin month, Jiamu sits on top of Yinmu Lushen. Jiamu has extremely strong energy and will be proactive in doing things, which is very beneficial for creating a new situation. In terms of industry development, there will be strong benefits for industries in which the five elements belong to wood.

This month, the economic situation of the general environment will improve, and those with a good combination of horoscopes can grasp it, and there will be opportunities for small outbreaks. This month, special attention should be paid to liver maintenance and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems.

Too much wood qi in this month, coupled with the taboo of the sun, can easily lead to emotional agitation, easy to get angry, upset and anxious, especially for people with a strong horoscope of wood and fire. Many people will suffer from emotional, mental, ideological burden and pressure problems during this month.

People with horoscope gold and wood (such as Jiagengchong) are also prone to limb injuries, headaches, and insomnia this month.

People with weak zodiac signs, this month Mu Wangke soil will have problems with gastrointestinal digestion, prone to diarrhea and indigestion.

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Jiayin corresponds to the eldest son. Those who have elderly male elders in the family should pay special attention to taking care of the health of the elderly. This month has a greater risk to the health of elderly men.

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