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2023 China (Hengdian) Film and Television Culture Industry Expo: Inheriting Culture, Intellectual Film, and Future

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2023 China (Hengdian) Film and Television Culture Industry Expo Opens in Dongyang, Zhejiang

By Zou Tiran and Xu Chi

On October 27, the 2023 China (Hengdian) Film and Television Culture Industry Development Expo opened in Hengdian, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province. With the theme of “Inheriting Culture, Intellectual Film and Future,” this expo aimed to showcase the latest developments and innovations in the film and television industry. The event ran from October 25th to 29th and featured 7 theme exhibition areas covering a total of 15,000 square meters.

One of the key attractions of the expo was the “Meeting the Future” exhibition area, which focused on displaying the construction blueprint of the “Future Film and Television Factory” and the implementation path of the “Film and Television Cultural Brain.” These initiatives aimed to empower the entire industry chain and deepen the new model of “Film and Television +,” while also providing a platform for trading and displaying new technologies and products.

In addition to the exhibitions, the Hengdian Film and Television Culture Industry Development Conference was held during the expo. This conference followed a “1+3” event structure model, consisting of one industry development conference and three special seminars. The conference aimed to bring together industry experts, business representatives, and celebrities to discuss the trends and future development of the Chinese film and television industry. Approximately 800 domestic film and television professionals were invited to participate in these seminars.

As an important film and television brand festival, the expo featured a series of activities prefixed with “中”, indicating their national significance. These activities included the 24th National Film Promotion Conference, the 1st National Film Trade Fair, and meetings such as the National Film Specialty Office Meeting and the Chinese Film Association Film and Television Base Working Committee Annual Meeting.

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Xing Zhihong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jinhua Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jinhua, emphasized that this expo comes at a crucial time for the film and television industry’s comprehensive development. It aimed to provide industry insiders with a platform to explore new trends, exchange new technologies, and seize new opportunities. Xing Zhihong also expressed his hope that the Hengdian Film and Television Culture Festival would take the spirit of this expo as an opportunity to improve facilities and strengthen the industry’s overall capabilities. The goal is to attract innovative talents and establish Hengdian as an internationally influential film and television cultural innovation center.

The 2023 China (Hengdian) Film and Television Culture Industry Expo promises to be a significant event for the industry, allowing professionals and enthusiasts to come together to celebrate the achievements of Chinese film and television and look forward to an even brighter future.

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