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2023 EDC CHINA Daisy Electronic Music Carnival Ignites Youthful Energy with HR Helena Green Aquarius and Tesla

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HR Helena Green Aquarius and Tesla Partner to Bring Young Energy to 2023 EDC CHINA Daisy Electronic Music Carnival

In an effort to ignite youthful energy and align with the latest trends, HR Helena Green Aquarius has joined forces with energy partner Tesla to invite the younger generation to attend the 2023 EDC CHINA Daisy Electronic Music Carnival and indulge in a global music extravaganza. The “Road to EDC” Shanghai premiere warm-up party on July 8 marked the beginning of a thrilling chapter in electronic music, showcasing the passion and energy of the youth.

Over the course of three months, the “Road to EDC” electronic music tour made its way through 7 cities and 8 stops across China, including Shaoxing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Under the theme of “Green Energy All the Way,” this tour illuminated the electronic music scene, offering an unlimited youthful carnival experience. The journey concluded successfully in Suzhou on October 3rd, vibrating with electronic music to ignite the enthusiasm for the green movement and inspiring young people to join the trendy crowd that is always young and everlasting.

Now, from October 2nd to 3rd, the 2023 EDC CHINA Daisy Electronic Music Carnival will take place, inviting the younger generation to explore the infinite possibilities of unique youth through an awe-inspiring audio-visual feast. The event aims to detonate young green energy in Suzhou and reach the pinnacle of music in this electronic music festival. Upon entering the venue, attendees will be greeted by giant art installations from HR Helena Green Aquarius and Tesla, providing a visually stunning experience that resonates with their inner energy.

At the check-in counter, participants will receive a surprise entry gift and unlock multiple interactive experiences throughout the event. The venue will feature a green bottle, transformed into a large energy storage device, which can provide a quick boost for both the skin and trains. The Green Aquarius Energy Bar will offer customized peripheral gifts, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the experience of “charging with green energy.” HR Helena’s exclusive rest area in the venue will continue to inspire creativity, infusing the carnival with green energy and providing unlimited fuel for the youth.

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HR Helena, a century-old pioneer beauty brand, has always led industry trends, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. The collaboration between HR Helena Green Aquarius and Tesla in this electronic music tour has successfully subverted traditional norms and unleashed a boundless breakthrough in green energy. By engaging in a cross-circle dialogue with young consumers, HR Helena Green Aquarius resonates with their attitudes and amplifies their sense of adventure, encouraging them to break free, imagine, and move forward without regrets. The created energy will continue to spread and propel youth to new heights.

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