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2023 Fuji Ultimate Image Tasting Exhibition Attracts Over 10,000 Participants in Qingdao

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2023 Fuji Ultimate Image Tasting Exhibition Attracts Over 10,000 Participants in Qingdao

More than 10,000 people participate in the 2023 Fuji Ultimate Image Tasting Exhibition

Peninsula Net, December 9(Reporter Yu Qianqian) – The 2023 Fuji Ultimate Image Tasting Collection-Qingdao Station Tour opened grandly in Hall 7 of Qingdao International Exhibition Center, with more than 10,000 people participating. This Jiyinghui is a high-standard imaging cultural event in China, and it is also the largest, highest level, and most cutting-edge imaging technology experience in Qingdao’s history.

The total exhibition area of the event is more than 3,000 square meters and has five sections, including an outdoor check-in area, antique camera exhibition area, image works exhibition area, shooting experience area, and photography sharing area. The event offers on-site shooting experience with billion-pixel cameras, on-site output of blockbusters, and on-site teaching guidance from senior image creators. Additionally, more than ten super-segmented professional studios, Chinese and foreign professional photography models resident, beautiful scenery and exhibitions jointly create a hot atmosphere of the “experience + check-in” imaging carnival, bringing the ultimate enjoyment of textbook-level professional imaging.

The exhibition features more than 500 works selected from tens of thousands of works by the world‘s top photographers, all presented in stunning large formats. The exhibition also invites 7 top photographers, including the grand prize winner of the Austrian Trenberg Super Photography Tour, Wu Shenjie, and Sanxingdui special photographer Yu Jia, to share their photography creation paths and shooting techniques.

Liu Shouchen, deputy general manager of Qingdao Yongsheng Photo Studio Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd., stated that preparations for this exhibition began in 2021 with a total investment of more than 2 million yuan. The Shanghai International Exhibition Design Team was specially invited to carry out overall planning and design.

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Mr. Wang, who participated in the exhibition at the scene, commented that the event was shocking and worthwhile. Participants could directly experience the most cutting-edge imaging technology, communicate with top videographers, and learn more about shooting skills.

Liu Shouchen mentioned that this Jiyinghui is open to all citizens and the main purpose is to deepen image culture into the hearts of the people and allow more citizens to experience the charm of images up close. Everyone is welcome to join in photography creation and record their beautiful life.

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