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2023 Golden Rooster Film Festival Brings New Films from Home and Abroad to Xiamen

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New films from home and abroad will be screened in Xiamen as the highly anticipated 2023 Golden Rooster Film Festival kicks off from October 27 to November 12. The festival, co-sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the China Film Association, and the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, will showcase a wide range of international and Chinese films.

Among the 36 international films and 14 mainland new films included in the festival, there will also be contributions from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian countries. One of the highlights of the festival will be a retrospective of German film master Wim Wenders, along with a screening of three classic films by Hong Kong superstar Leslie Cheung.

The international film festival section will feature outstanding films from Thailand, Chile, Mexico, and other regions. More than half of these films are new releases and will have their premieres in China. Many of them have also received invitations to renowned international film festivals and are expected to compete for next year’s Oscar Foreign Language Film Awards.

The Golden Rooster Chinese Film Festival will showcase 33 works, including 29 new films covering various genres such as drama, fantasy, comedy, crime, horror, suspense, and romance. Many of these films are directed by young filmmakers, including “Love is a Gun” and “Invisible Friend.” “Love is a Gun,” directed by actor Li Hongqi, recently won the “Future Lion-Venice Debut Film Award” at the Venice Film Festival.

The festival will also feature an overseas Chinese film section, including films like “Fudu Youth,” “Rain City,” “Long Time No See,” and “Silent Kill.” Among them, “Fudu Youth,” the debut feature film directed by Wang Lilin, received critical acclaim and attention for actor Wu Kangren. “Long Time No See” brought director Yang Guorui the Best Debut Film award at the Locarno International Film Festival. Additionally, “Silent Kill” marks the feature film debut of director Ke Wenli, known for her work on “Manslaughter.”

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In related news, the 2023 Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference announced the lineup of the new “Gold Medal Producer Jury.” Comprising 28 members, including actor Tan Zhuo and Vice President of the China Film Directors Association Wang Hongwei, they will select 30 projects and recommend them to the industry. The “Gold Medal Producer Jury” aims to support new film talents and works through a fair and authoritative review process and incubation plan.

The Golden Rooster Film Festival is a significant event for film enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to experience a diverse range of films from around the world and discover emerging talents in the industry.

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