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2024 Spring Festival Movie Survey: Family-friendly Films with High Satisfaction Scores

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2024 Spring Festival Movie Survey: Family-friendly Films with High Satisfaction Scores

“2024 Spring Festival Movie Survey Results Show High Audience Satisfaction”

The Chinese Movie Audience Satisfaction Survey for the 2024 Spring Festival Movie lineup has shown promising results, with the Spring Festival Movie Audience Satisfaction Score reaching 85.9 points. This places it as the second-highest satisfaction score among the nine Spring Festival Movies surveyed since 2015 and the fourth-highest among all movie schedules in historical surveys. Among the eight films surveyed during the schedule, four received satisfaction scores exceeding 85 points, indicating a high level of satisfaction among the audience.

The diversified schedule of movies released during the Spring Festival has been met with widespread approval from audiences, reflecting a new level of film creation and a growing recognition of family-friendly and warm reality-based content. The schedule included a total of 8 films, matching the highest quantity during the Spring Festival period in the past years. The films’ high quality creations and high satisfaction ratings have once again ignited a nationwide movie-watching craze during the Spring Festival.

Among the top-ranking films, “Flying Life 2” scored 86.2 points and ranked first in the schedule, “Article 20” scored 86.1 points and ranked second, “Hot and Furious” scored 85.9 points and ranked third, and “Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space” scored 85.5 points and ranked fourth. These films have succeeded in capturing the attention and satisfaction of audiences, contributing to the overall success of the 2024 Spring Festival Movie lineup.

The audience satisfaction survey also revealed differences in preferences between general audiences and professional audiences. Films like “Flying Life 2” and “Article 20” were highly recognized by both categories of viewers, while others received varying levels of satisfaction based on different evaluation criteria.

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Overall, the high-quality film content matrix of the 2024 Spring Festival schedule effectively stimulated the atmosphere of movie viewing and discussion, with a majority of viewers expressing positive perceptions of the available movie options during the period. The survey also showed that the number of movie viewers exceeded 100 million for six consecutive years, with high-satisfaction films experiencing multiple box office reversals and achieving stable long-term performance.

The Chinese Movie Audience Satisfaction Survey provides a comprehensive evaluation system that is independent of box office, ticket sales, and social networking sites. It aims to assess domestic films based on three major indices of viewing, ideological, and dissemination, and introduces freshness indicators to evaluate films’ innovativeness. As of the 2024 Spring Festival, the survey has completed 53 period surveys, indicating a robust and ongoing evaluation process for the Chinese film industry.

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