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3 French series to watch on streaming

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3 French series to watch on streaming

The things we didn’t say to each othera Lionsgate +

Jean Renoir is the father of a woman about to get married. He dies and this forces her to cancel the weddingeven though they didn’t see each other. The next day a robot similar to the father appears and tells him that it is the desperate attempt of the dead man to rebuild the relationship. His last will.

So daughter and robberyt embark on an adventure in Germany with the secret goal of recapturing the love of youth that he was in charge of separating at that time. Adorable.

the fightersand Netflix

Period production set in 1914 Francewhen the war unites four very different women in a convent turned hospital.

One is a nursing nun, another is a prostitute who doesn’t shut up at all, and the ones that remain are persecuted activists. Together they will live moments of anxiety and even personal fulfillment by helping others. And also romances.

Our Ladyand Netflix

On April 15, 2019, after lose your partner in a fire two months agoFirefighter Alice returns to duty just as Notre Dame Cathedral burns down.

Miniseries inspired by the true stories of these public servants who risked their lives to save the Parisian relic. It is very well told.

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