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37 Films Fierce Battle for Lunar New Year Files: Suspense, Reasoning, Get Together, Love Themes, Various Themes

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  37 films fierce battle for the Lunar New Year files

Our reporter Wang Jinyue

Less than a month before the New Year, the film market has also begun its final sprint. According to preliminary statistics, currently 37 films of various types have been added to the Lunar New Year archives. The themes are mainly love and suspense reasoning. Many films have dark horse potential. Maoyan data shows that as of November 2, the total box office in the Mainland this year reached 44.4 billion yuan. Whether or not the total box office can break the 50 billion yuan mark this year depends on the performance of the Lunar New Year stalls in December.

  Suspenseful reasoning gets together in theaters

There are many suspense and reasoning themes in the 37 films, including five heavyweight films such as “Antique Bureau Middle Game”, “Assassination Storm”, “Manslaughter 2”, “Fire on the Plains”, and “Anti-Corruption Storm 5: The Final Chapter”. Rarely seen in the video. For suspense reasoning fans, this Lunar New Year file is not to be missed.

Yesterday, “Antique Bureau Intermediate Game” directed by Guo Zijian and starring Lei Jiayin, Xin Zhilei, Ge You and others was released, which was the first to kick off this year’s New Year’s Eve. Based on Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, the film tells the story of the five-passage successor who made a wish and a family who guarded Wu Zetian’s “Mingtang Buddha Head” for three generations, played by Lei Jiayin. “Antique Bureau Intermediate Game” is a rare domestic movie genre, which combines elements of reasoning, suspense, insurance, and treasure hunting. In the film, Ge You plays an old and cunning role in the film. He also has a goatee. The film is expected to set off the first climax of the Lunar New Year file.

“Assassination Storm” directed by Qiu Litao and starring Zhang Zhilin and Louis Koo will be released on December 10. The film is adapted from Zhou Haohui’s novel “Death Notice: The Dark One”. It tells the story of a confusing serial murder case. Everyone who received a death notice was brutally killed by a mysterious person. The task force is in the process of investigating. , Discovered the story of a huge conspiracy hidden behind.

On December 17, the suspenseful crime reasoning film “Manslaughter 2” was released, which is also one of the most anticipated films in the Lunar New Year this year. The film is produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Dai Mo, starring Xiao Yang, Ren Dahua and Wen Yongshan, and continues the story theme of “Father’s Revenge” in “Manslaughter”.

Produced by “Fireworks” director Diao Yinan, directed by Zhang Ji, starring Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran, “Fire on the Plain” will be released on December 24. This is also the most literary and suspenseful crime movie in the New Year’s archives, adapted from the double Xuetao’s novel “Moses on the Plain” tells the story of criminal police Zhuang Shu (played by Liu Haoran) when he was investigating a taxi murder case and accidentally discovered that his childhood friend Li Fei (played by Zhou Dongyu) was also involved.

  Various themes of love

This year’s New Year’s Eve files, there are also a lot of love-themed movies, including “Your World Without Me”, “As long as you live better than me”, “We Who We Have Loved Each Other”, “Fear of Marriage: Escape Plan”, “Love Mythology”, “Through Winter More than ten films such as “Embrace You”.

Among these films, there are films describing middle-aged love such as “Myth of Love” (released on December 24); there are also love stories about ordinary people’s positive, optimistic and supportive love story “Embrace You Through the Winter” with the background of fighting the epidemic. “(Released on December 31), the film is directed by Xue Xiaolu. This time she did not continue her collaboration with Tang Wei, but chose the combination of Huang Bo and Jia Ling. In addition, “Love in Years” is directed by Li Zhi, starring Mao Xiaotong and Yang Jue. The film focuses on “New Year’s Eve”, which is very close to the hot spots of young people nowadays, and also expresses the love concerns of adult men and women in fast-paced urban life.

However, there are only a handful of comedy movies for the Lunar New Year this year. “Li Mao exchanges the prince”, which was released on December 31, was directed by Gao Ke, starring Chang Yuan, Allen, Ma Li, etc., telling the story of the small catcher Li Mao (played by Chang Yuan) after he got married, but was not approved by his wife’s parents. But accidentally discovered that he was actually the same appearance as the prince of the dynasty, and the two exchanged identities, but step by step they became involved in a story about a conspiracy. This is a comedy movie featuring “joy”, which is very close to the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year festival.

  Feng Xiaogang returns as an actor

This year’s Lunar New Year films, there are also some worthy of attention. The documentary film “We Are the First Secretary” (released on December 3) is one of them. This is the first film produced since the establishment of Xinhua News Agency. . The chief creators selected more than 10 from more than 1,200 first secretaries across the country, of which 4 first secretaries became the key portrayal objects of the film. The film fully demonstrated their bravery in the “poverty alleviation” campaign in a country without gunpowder. The dedication and sacrifice makes people cry.

“The Hachiko” starring Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong will be released on December 31. The film is adapted from the classic movie “The Story of Hachiko”. It tells the story of a loyal dog named Batong who perseveres in waiting for its owner, Chen Jingxiu ( The touching story of Feng Xiaogang. This is also where Feng Xiaogang once again starred in “Old Paoer”.

The cartoon “Lion Boy” is scheduled to be released on December 17, directed by Haipeng Sun. It tells the story of the left-behind teenager Ajuan and his friends Amao and Agou participating in a lion dance competition under the training of the retired lion king Xianyuqiang. Become a “lion” growth story.

Korean movie “Oh! Wen Ji was also released yesterday. This is the first Korean film introduced in the mainland after “Assassination” in 2015. It is a healing film.

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