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3M Plus Vaccination to Prevent Dengue Emergency

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3M Plus Vaccination to Prevent Dengue Emergency

Still haunted, when friends told me that their whole family had dengue fever and were rushed to the hospital, at first I thought dengue fever only affected children, but adults could also be affected by the harmful effects of dengue fever.

There is an emergency that is most avoided in the condition of a patient with dengue fever, namely leaking blood vessels because of the greatest risk of death. To prevent dengue fever, you can do 3M plus vaccination. According to the data on dengue fever sufferers, which are still quite high in Indonesia, what are the emergency signs and how to prevent dengue fever completely?

Dengue Fever Cases Increase, Prevent with 3M Plus Vaccine

Actually a little surprised, cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever that occurred in Indonesia have increased in the last 3 years. Mamih reading the news became worried and increased vigilance to prevent dengue fever. According to data you have read, the total number of cases of dengue fever in Indonesia has increased from 73,518 people in 2021 to 131,265 cases in 2022. Meanwhile, the number of deaths has also increased from 705 people in 2021 to 1,183 people in 2022.

Surprisingly, apart from the 5-6 annual cycle due to climate and El Nino anomalies, the community and the government also take part in working together to prevent dengue fever. The more dangerous it is to infect someone who is susceptible, such as a child who has had dengue fever, being reinfected, the body will be more vulnerable. In addition, individuals with obesity and co-morbid conditions tend to exacerbate dengue fever.

For cases of dengue fever, it also doesn’t discriminate, friends who are adults can also get dengue fever. Moreover, the signs or symptoms of dengue fever are almost similar to signs of other diseases. For this reason, people can act quickly and not take dengue fever lightly.

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Reducing the risk of getting dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) or better known as dengue fever, dengue fever vaccination is an important step, both for children and adults. The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has also issued a distribution permit for the dengue vaccine since 2016.

Check Emergency Signs of Dengue Fever and How to Prevent It

It is worrying because Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is still around us, when there is an increase in the community they can find out more about the signs or symptoms of dengue fever and how to prevent it.

The government has also provided socialization for 3M Plus Vaccination so that dengue fever in Indonesia can be prevented and reduce the number of deaths that occur. For this reason, I am grateful to be able to immediately listen to complete information about dengue fever through the Educative Talkshow entitled “Dengue Fever Around Us”, presenting several resource persons who are experts in their fields who also share their stories about dengue fever, as follows:

Andreas Gutknecht, General Manager, Takeda Innovative Medicines dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, M.Epid, Head of the Communication and Public Service Bureau, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. dr. Anggraini Alam, Sp.A(K), Head of UKK Infection & Tropical Diseases, IDAI Ringgo Agus Rahman, Public Figure Sabai Morschek, Public Figure

Doctor Anggraini’s experience in dealing with dengue fever patients told her about the precautions and symptoms of dengue fever. He reminded that dengue fever can be prevented by vaccination. In addition to 3M, the community can take wise steps to get vaccinated immediately so they can avoid dengue fever.

Mamih felt enlightened when listening to the explanation, it was quite interesting and could be a note about what we can know about dengue fever. Dr. dr. Anggraini Alam, Sp.A(K) added that the death rate for dengue fever in Indonesia could not be suppressed like Singapore and Thailand because every 3mm of clean stagnant water could be a breeding ground for the Aedes mosquito. Likewise, if more and more new places are opened for humans, the wider the spread of the dengue virus will be.

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Dr. Dr. Anggraini Alam, Sp.A(K), Head of UKK Tropical Diseases & Infections, IDAI, he explained that “Mosquitoes are the insects that cause the most human deaths compared to other animals because mosquitoes can fly as far as 5-6 km. There are 2 types of mosquitoes that cause disease, namely Aedes and Malaria. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is a vector of dengue fever. A person with dengue fever will go through 3 phases, namely:

Fever phase lasts 3-7 days Critical Phase lasts 3-7 days Recovery Phase lasts 5-9 days

Most cases of dengue fever occur in children, why? because the highest presentation in the body is liquid, so if there is a leak, the impact can be worse. It’s not just low platelets, the patient’s blood vessels become like holes or leaking, this can cause shock syndrome. But even though the patient is in a state of shock they can still walk, therefore we still have to be vigilant.

Parents are asked to be aware of the symptoms of dengue fever that appear in their children, including fever, red spots, joint and muscle pain, and bleeding. When these symptoms appear, parents need to take their child to the nearest hospital or health center for treatment. The faster the detection and treatment, the higher the cure rate.

Dengue fever already has a vaccine

Feeling relieved and lucky because the dengue fever vaccination has been entered and approved for distribution by the Indonesian government. The public can consult a doctor about this dengue fever vaccination.

Dengue fever is a disease that can be prevented by vaccination. The dengue fever vaccine completes protection against dengue fever, so it’s not just 3MPlus (Close, Drain, and Utilize), but 3MPlusVaccine. The currently circulating dengue fever vaccine has been recommended by BPOM and the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI).

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The Dengue Fever Vaccine is indicated for children to adults, people can immediately go to the Hospital, Nearest Clinic to consult with a Doctor about DHF vaccination, to protect themselves from dengue fever infection.

Vaccination in families is one of the recommended ways to reduce immunization-preventable diseases (PD3I) in Indonesia. So, with the dengue fever vaccine it is hoped that it can reduce the risk of a child getting dengue fever and reduce the risk of hospitalization and severe dengue fever.

Like the families of artists Ringgo Agus Rahman and Sabai Morscheck, they have received a dengue fever vaccine so that the dengue fever that has previously afflicted their families is not repeated. In addition to disrupted productivity, she was quite traumatized when she herself had dengue fever and her 1 year old child also had dengue fever. Prevention by vaccination is expected to protect families in preventing dengue fever.

DHF vaccination will help the immune system to form antibodies that function to recognize germs and fight germs that cause disease. Adults also need to get a dengue fever vaccination. Various factors such as poor body condition can make the antibody system in an adult person decrease. If the symptoms of dengue fever that they experience are not treated immediately, it will result in a worsening disease condition that cannot be underestimated at all.

For this reason, families in Indonesia can use the wise choice to protect family members from dengue fever with vaccination, which has been recommended by the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI). Dengue Fever can be prevented and together with the community can reduce the number of infected, prevent it with 3M Plus Vaccines for a healthier Indonesia.

C-ANPROM/ID/QDE/0140 | Aug 2023

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