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40-year-old Zhang Nara’s Su Yan exposed online praise: “The Strongest Child Face” | Donation Angel | NTD Chinese TV Online

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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing Time June 14, 2021]The 40-year-old South Korean actress Jang Nara debuted for 20 years. In 2002, she performed “Cheerful Girl Success Story” and became a hit. Recently, the new drama “Making Real Estate” has become popular with fans. The attention has been greatly increased, and her multi-level acting skills in the new drama have also been well received. Zhang Nara, who has entered the age of confidence, recently posted 2 photos of undressed face on IG. Although she did not apply powder, she still looks young and beautiful. Netizens couldn’t help but admire: “The strongest face” and “This face I also serve as a high school student!”

In the photos posted by Zhang Nara, she was covered in a large black garbage bag, with ponytails tied up, and powder was not applied to make-up. The skin without makeup looks quite fair, with a faintly ruddy complexion, and the skin is in good condition. Fans and netizens couldn’t help exclaiming: “It looks so beautiful without makeup” and “It looks the same as a cheerful girl!” It’s no wonder that Zhang Nara will perform the new drama “Real Estate” with her 9-year-old partner Zheng Ronghe this time. There is no sense of disobedience and harmony when talking about love between sisters and brothers in the play.

Jang Nara debuted in 2001. In 2002, she starred in the TV series “Cheerful Girl Success Story”, which achieved a high ratings of 42.6% and became a hit. It became the TV series with the highest ratings in South Korea that year. This drama won the Baeksang newcomer of the year. prize. In the same year, she also released the music album “Sweet Dream”, which sold more than 200,000 copies in the first week. He also won the KBS and MBC Music Awards at the end of that year, and was tied with Lee Hyori and Boa as the first generation of Korean female singers.

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“Money trapping theory” was boycotted by the mainland

In 2009, Zhang Nara participated in the South Korean variety show “Strong Heart” for her father’s film promotion, but was unexpectedly boycotted by mainland netizens. Zhang Nara used “Save Our Family” as the title, and revealed that her father invested all the money she earned in movies. Because of funding problems, she went to China a few more times.

However, these words were added by the production unit with the subtitles “Go to China if the production cost is tight”. After being captured by Chinese netizens, they were circulated wildly on the Internet. As a result, they made the news. At that time, even other Korean artists who developed in China also Be implicated. Zhang Nara also came forward to apologize for this, but was criticized without sincerity.

“The theory of making money” caused Zhang Nara to fall into a low ebb. She revealed that she has become accustomed to the remarks made by people on the Internet, but she was insulted face to face when she went out with her mother once, which made her unbearable. “That person scolded me severely in front of my mother. I think Ashamed of my mother, I never went out with her again.”

After getting through the turmoil of the “money circle theory”, she went to China several times to run activities, but the response was not as expected. She returned to South Korea in 2011 to take over the six-year-old TV series “The Beauty of Children”. The next year, she abandoned her good line of romantic comedy and played a serious and warm high school teacher in “Spicy Class of 2013”. The transformation was well received, and she also praised Li Zhongshuo and Jin Yubin. After that, she and Zhang Hyuk performed “Fated I Love You” adapted from the Taiwan idol drama. She began to focus her career back to South Korea.

Heart Care Charity Awarded “Donation Angel”

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The kind-hearted Jang Nara is very popular in South Korea and was named a “donation angel” by Korean fans. It is reported that she has continued to donate charity since the performance of “Cheerful Girl Success Story”, and at that time 40 million won (approximately NT$900,000) was rewarded. All donated to activities to help North Korean children. Some media speculate that so far, she has donated more than 13 billion won (about 300 million Taiwan dollars).

Zhang Nara’s high popularity in his heyday is considered to be tied to the current popular amphibious actresses IU and Suzhi. Some people even think that IU and Suzhi cannot beat Zhang Nara when they are together. There is even a saying in Korea: “IU, Suzy There was Jang Nara before.” She thinks she is an all-round artist who is perfect as a singer and an actor when she debuts.

However, Zhang Nara once said modestly about this legend: she was just a short-lived artist, and she apologized to IU and Suzy for the trouble caused by comparing herself with IU and Suzy.

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