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50-year-old Gigi Lai’s fitness photos share tips for keeping a good figure | Ma Li Jiaer | Stretching

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[Epoch Times October 16, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun) Hong Kong star Gigi Lai (currently known as Ma Li Jiaer), who has just passed his 50th birthday, posted a group of fitness photos on IG on the 14th. And generously shared the secrets of keeping a good figure. (Click to see photos)

In the photo, Gigi Lai wearing a pink T-shirt and matching tights, puts her legs straight on the dance bar, stretches her upper body forward and supports her feet. Not only does she move easily and gracefully, but she also has a slender figure. , I can’t see that it is a person over half a hundred years old. Fans shouted: “Awesome!” “So beautiful!”

In the accompanying article, Gigi Lai said, “Many people know that warm-up and stretching before exercise, especially the leg muscles are more, you must first relax the thighs and calves to reduce the chance of injury.” While affirming this common practice , She emphasized that she also likes to do stretching exercises after exercise, thinking that this can make muscles recover faster and effectively eliminate fatigue.

Gigi Lai shared with fans: “Frequent stretching exercises are not only good for your health, but also make your lines beautiful.” She realized: “If you only focus on fitness, your muscles will be too developed and strong, and stretching will help you The muscles are elongated, and the lines will naturally be more slender and beautiful.”

Finally, she urged fans: “Remember, if you want to be healthy and beautiful, you must always stretch your muscles!” A fan immediately responded: “I also want to persist!” “Goddess, my motivation for progress!”

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Gigi Lai, who quit the showbiz 13 years ago, celebrated her 50th birthday on October 11 this year. On October 1st, she posted a family portrait on IG with her parents, her brother who had been in a fatal car accident, the wealthy businessman husband Ma Tingqiang who rarely appeared together, and her three daughters. It can be seen that her body and skin are well maintained, as if Frozen age, beautiful as before.

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