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78 Official Test: Bandai MG Network Limited Edition Goddess of Justice Gundam TYPE-F (full weapon set) _ details _ parts _ carried out

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78 Official Test: Bandai MG Network Limited Edition Goddess of Justice Gundam TYPE-F (full weapon set) _ details _ parts _ carried out

Original title: 78 Official Test: Bandai MG Network Limited Edition Goddess of Justice Gundam TYPE-F (full weapon set)

78 Official Test: Bandai MG Network Limited Edition Goddess of Justice Gundam TYPE-F (full weapon set)

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The evaluation brought this time is the MG released by Bandai in April.

Lady Justice Gundam Type-F. Although the mold was made in April, it was too late to get it due to the epidemic situation in Shanghai and Beijing. I believe many friends are still looking forward to this model. (The avalanche accessories package has also arrived, and it is quickly adding liver)

seal packaging

The more traditional net-limited style packaging, this color also matches well with Hongmei. The POSE of Fenghui also directly reflects the characteristics of multiple weapons.

Box thickness comparison

Instructions and seals are the same POSE

Board display

A board is a multi-color forming board, and the red part has two kinds of light red and dark red. Green is transparent.





The brown parts are mainly skeletons and some weapon parts




The grey panels are mostly weapons







Silver plate with serious water marks (genuine and correct)


The black plate parts are also mainly weapon parts



This is why the skeleton is soft

beam saber plate


Multi-color forming plate









F2 type antenna



Connection cable for GN hammer

water sticker paper

One aluminum foil sticker, mainly used for the complementary colors of the eyes and GN capacitors. The silver parts are used to complement the weapon scope details.

GN particle conveyor belt, with its own rainbow effect of light reflection, is the same material as previous products.

Ontology display (TYPE-F

high contrast

Front of the main body

Unexpectedly, the residual value of the Angelic skeleton was squeezed again, and some new rules for the shape of the outer armor were carried out on this skeleton. Since PC material parts are used in many places, the problem of softness still exists. Even after finishing the spell, there is a problem of loose ankles.

The back of the main unit

The red outer armor of the body is divided into two colors: light red and dark red, but it is still mainly light red.

Show details

Personally, I think the face is very good. The parts and colors are all at the MG level, and stickers are used for the eyes and sensors. The entire head except the outer armor on the top of the head is part of the new regulations.

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The dressing style of the mask is restored by replacing the parts. It is necessary to remove the mask parts for replacement before installing the black transparent parts of the mask. This process is a little tedious, and the mask parts are too small, so be careful.

side detail

chest detail

A huge green transparent part is used on the chest, and a white transparent part is embedded inside to enhance the texture, and the internal text details are also restored. The outer armor on both sides of the chest can be unfolded at a certain angle.

As an MG series cockpit, of course, it can also be expanded

However, it will be interfered by the red outer armor, and removing the outer armor can make the amplitude larger.

The GN particle conveyor belt settings on both sides of the waist have been restored

back detail

There are also particle conveyor belts on the shoulders

To take out the solar furnace, you need to release the gray buckles on both sides

The internal details are not slack and look very delicate

Since there is no matching light on hand, it is impossible to display light, and the light switch can be realized by rotating.

arm detail

The shoulder armor is the shape of the new rules, and the arms are part of the new rules.

Armed mounting holes with TYPE-F characteristics on the side

Particle conveyor belt embedded in the rear

skirt detail

The front skirt is also part of the new regulations, and the color separation is very good

The side parts can be pulled out, and the built-in ball gate can be pulled out to carry the connecting piece to realize the attachment of the weapon

The rear skirt is also new, with beam saber hilts inserted on both sides, which can be pulled out. However, the rear skirt is particularly loose, which should be a design problem.

leg detail

The lower body is almost the same as that of Angel, and a large number of board parts are used for color change.

The side is no longer the exposed GN capacitor, but the weapon carrying board

inner leg detail

rear detail

The hip joint is also designed to be pulled down

The three-segment soles are very soft….like a soft-footed shrimp

sole detail


The transition from the F to the F2 required replacement of parts of the head, outer arms, outer calves, and front skirt. It is not very complicated to operate. Of course, there is a lot of waste left over, so you can give more, and the experience will be much better.

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The head needs to be replaced with the antenna, and if the mask is installed, the mask parts must be replaced like the F-type.

The skirt armor needs to be replaced, and the shape has changed a lot, from the original square to a triangle. The dark red part in front of it was also replaced, but it is really troublesome to disassemble here.

Arm Armament Mounting Plate Changed to GN Capacitor Shape

The legs also become the shape of GN capacitors

TYPE-F2 front

The overall change is not large, and the difficulty factor is not high to operate

On the other hand

movable display

Since the skeleton is used for the energy angel kit, the following will focus on the new regulations, and the rest of the parts can refer to the energy angel movable.

movable head

Since the neck is not movable, the bowing is poor, and the raising is average. The swing amplitude is small, and the rotation is interfered by the parts on both sides, so it cannot rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The front skirt can achieve a 90-degree flat lift

The lift of the rear skirt is very small, but the downward movement is more optimistic. But very loose.

Accessories display

The amount of accessories is very solid, and you have everything you need, and it is still very enjoyable to play.

beam saber

A pair of each length, it needs to be used with the hilt on the rear skirt.

Original GN Sabre

Can be folded and unfolded, the blade is the color of the parts

GN shield, two styles are given, the outer wings of the shield can be expanded slightly

The GN beam rifle has auxiliary fixing parts at the end that can be inserted into the arm. The scope details have sticker complementary color, and the outside is a green transparent part. The sights of missile launchers and rocket launchers are all of this structure.

GN grenade launcher

The muzzle can be slid and unfolded to a certain extent, and there are auxiliary fixing parts at the end, which can be installed at the shoulder. It is necessary to disassemble the antenna parts on the shoulder, and the installation is very firm.

GN Sabre

The one-piece structure of sword and shield, the sword god can be bent, and the connection with the shield is realized through a joint that can be folded and pulled out, and it also has the function of rotation.

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GN pistol

Pistols are given two, can be dual wielded

Pistol storage compartment, which can be attached to the sides of the legs

The GN long sword and short sword are excellent in parts and details, but there is a problem with water marks on the blade.

The GN hammer and the spikes are all made of transparent parts, and the cable with built-in iron wire is given, but because the hammer is heavy, the holding force is not good, and it will still fall.

GN rocket launcher

Simple left and right shape, the magazine and the handles on both sides are independent parts

The handles on both sides can be pulled out, the gun body can be pulled out and extended, and the magazines can be removed.

GN missile launcher

There are sockets on the bottom for attaching to the arm or leg

Rifle mount

Hammer and pistol mount

POSE display

Summary: The shape and color separation are not bad. Through a kit, you can switch freely between TYPE-F and TYPE-F2. Although it is not very complicated to switch, it would be good to have two head parts. There are many, the rest of the model can be put together again, but it is still a pity that the mask part is missing. The skeleton has used the Angel’s kit, and I don’t know how many times this model worker’s skeleton can be used again. After playing too much, the problem of looseness is serious, the feet are more prominent, and the experience is very poor. The accessories are indeed very complete, which determines that the gameplay is very rich, and so many weapons can be played completely. However, the hand shape is not very reliable for the tenon of the weapon, and the problem of loosening still exists. The most problematic accessory is the GN hammer, which has a poor experience when paired with cables. The gravity effect of Mother Earth was not considered at all during the design.Generally speaking, it is a kit with a styling experience greater than a playing experience. Who wouldn’t like a Gundam that can wear a mask?

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