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79 m² apartment located inside a building that used to be a convent

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79 m² apartment located inside a building that used to be a convent

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This apartment in Tijuca (RJ) is located inside a condominium where the Good Shepherd Convent – the retrofit that modernized the 1896 construction maintains part of the original structure, which was incorporated into the residences. The architect’s project Natalia Salla ccombines history and modernity in 79 m².

– (Luciano Mendes/CASACOR)

The owner, a 31-year-old man looking for his first detached home, was attracted by the building’s rich history and unique features, including the striking original windows of the convent.

– (Luciano Mendes/CASACOR)

Project decoration includes industrial elementsas exposed bricks and shades of gray and black, which give a masculine and urban aspect to the space. O mezzaninean adaptation favored by the building’s high ceilings, adds a special charm to the apartment, reminiscent of a loft.

– (Luciano Mendes/CASACOR)

I don’t floor, the hexagonal coating demarcates the kitchen area. Already the blue walls sector the entrance. Another highlight is the double height brick wallwhich was adorned with photographs taken by the resident.

– (Luciano Mendes/CASACOR)

The bathroom, designed to function as a powder room, serves both the owner and his guests while maintaining style and functionality.

– (Luciano Mendes/CASACOR)

Finally, the convent’s original doors and windows add originality to the living roomcombining contemporary design with the historic past of the address.

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