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9 films at the end of the month sprint to the high temperature of July film market “book”_Movie_Market_Pre-sale

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9 films at the end of the month sprint to the high temperature of July film market “book”_Movie_Market_Pre-sale

Original title: 9 films sprinted at the end of the month to “schedule” the high temperature of the film market in July

At the end of July, the film market is about to usher in many new faces, and gradually set off a wave of craze. The Beacon Professional Edition shows that the two days from July 29th to 30th, including “Lone on the Moon”, “Seven” and “Crazy!” A total of 9 films, including Guibao’s “Samsung Treasure”, will be on the big screen. Up to now, the number of people who want to watch many films has continued to increase, reaching a maximum of over 580,000. At the same time, the pre-sale box office has also continued to grow. Through the release of the above films, the July film market will usher in a new boom in the final stage.

Comedy and animation

At the end of July, many films are poised to be released, waiting to officially meet the audience on the big screen.

The Beacon Pro version shows that this Friday, July 29, includes “Lone on the Moon”, “Seven” and “Crazy!” Seven films, including Guibao: Three Star Treasures, are scheduled to be released. On this Saturday, July 30, the two films “Awakening of the Mini World” and “My Little Pony: A New Age” will enter the release period. Under the intensive launch of new films for two consecutive days, the film market will welcome 9 films to join this weekend.

From the above fixed files, it can be found that comedies and cartoons occupy a large proportion. Not only Shen Teng, Ma Li and other actors starred in “Lone on the Moon”, which has driven the audience’s desire to watch movies, and has become the main force in the comedy films to be released; “Crazy!” adapted from the comics. Guibao: Three Star Treasures and the Awakening of Mini World, which was born out of the sandbox game “Mini World“, also attracted the attention of the outside world.

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Rapidly growing pre-sale box office

As the release time is approaching, coupled with the successive release of various trailers, posters, specials, and promotional songs, the popularity of the above-mentioned films to be released is gradually climbing to a peak.

Take “Lone on the Moon” as an example, as of 15:30 on July 27, the number of people who want to watch the film has exceeded 580,000, and it is still growing, ranking first in the mainland want to watch list for a week, only In the past week, the number of people who want to watch has increased by more than 60,000. It is worth noting that the pre-sale of the film has now started, and at 14:59 on July 27, the pre-sale box office (including point screenings) exceeded 60 million yuan, and the number of pre-sale people reached 1.436 million.

In addition, the number of people who want to see other films and the pre-sale box office are also growing. Among them, “The Band of Seven” and “The Awakening of the Mini World” have reached more than 10,000 people who want to watch them, reaching 16,900 and 24,200 respectively.

In the opinion of film critic Liu He, laughter, relaxation, and a pleasant atmosphere are the experience that many audiences want to seek when watching a movie. Therefore, comedy films are evergreens in the film market, and this time “Walking on the Moon” The combination of Shen Teng and Ma Li has once again won the attention of the outside world. And animated movies are inseparable from the fact that children have entered the summer vacation, so the film market has also launched more movies for children to watch to enrich their holiday life.

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Covering multiple age groups to drive the desire to watch movies

Since entering July, many popular films have appeared in the film market one after another, especially the release of films such as “Life Events”, “The Detective War” and “Mozart in Outer Space”, which has brought the film market to a higher level of popularity. In the eyes of industry insiders, the movie market will also receive a new wave of popularity boosters after the release of 9 films this weekend.

And from the portraits of users who want to watch the finalized video, it can be found that the above works are also covering audiences of different age groups. Among the users who want to watch “Lone on the Moon”, the highest proportion of users is 20-24 years old, and “The Band of Seven” It is 25-29 years old users, and cartoons are mostly 35-39 years old users, which is also related to family viewing.

The lighthouse professional version shows that as of 15:30 on July 27, the cumulative box office (including pre-sale) in July 2022 has exceeded 2.4 billion yuan, second only to the single-month box office in January and February this year. At the same time, although the total number of operating theaters in the country is currently less than the scale of more than 10,000 theaters that could be achieved in early and mid-July, it has remained around 8,000 or 9,000, and the operating rate can reach about 70%.

In Liu He’s view, the stable development of the film market requires, on the one hand, a stable operating rate of theaters, which can provide people with opportunities to watch movies, and on the other hand, the continuous supply of high-quality works to enhance people’s desire to watch movies. Gradually heating up, it will further promote the enthusiasm of creators and bring more impetus to the film market.

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