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A Beijing Actor Takes on Chongqing in ‘Street Boys’: Tao Haoyang’s Transformation into a Movie Policeman

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A Beijing Actor Takes on Chongqing in ‘Street Boys’: Tao Haoyang’s Transformation into a Movie Policeman

“The movie “Street Boys” hits theaters, Beijing guy Tao Haoyang turns into a Chongqing movie policeman

The highly anticipated film “Street Boys” is now being screened in theaters nationwide. Produced by Guan Hu and Liang Jing, with Na Jiazuo as the director, this movie has garnered attention for its unique storyline and talented cast. One of the standout performances in the film comes from young actor Tao Haoyang, who plays the role of Ge Biao, a policeman.

Tao Haoyang, born in Beijing in the 90s, had to immerse himself in the language and culture of Chongqing in order to accurately portray his character. He spent two weeks learning the Chongqing dialect and studied the body movements and behaviors of real policemen in Changshou County, Chongqing. Tao Haoyang even incorporated the use of a hot water cup, a prop commonly seen in the hands of police officers, to add authenticity to his performance.

In one particular scene, Ge Biao finally lets out his pent-up emotions during a confrontation with an aunt involved in a civil dispute. Tao Haoyang emphasized the importance of balancing the character’s authority as a policeman while conveying his anger. He believes that maintaining the right proportion is crucial to avoid distorting the image of a police officer. The scene required strong explosive and impulsive power from the actors to push the emotions to the extreme.

“Street Boys” is set in a remote town in Chongqing in the year 2000. Tao Haoyang made significant changes to his character, focusing more on the present actions and the character’s confused state of mind. He immersed himself in the character’s journey, completing each mission and portraying the character’s growth throughout the film.

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This is not Tao Haoyang’s first venture into the world of film. He has been involved in various projects, including “Old Paoer”, “Eight Hundred”, “My Motherland and Me”, “Deal of Destiny”, and “Letter from Home”. After signing with Beijing Lexi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. last year, he has been pursuing his film and television dream, starring in “Hong Chaosheng”, the web drama “Flowers Bloom Rich”, and “Eclipse”.

Tao Haoyang sees himself as a character actor and draws inspiration from renowned actor Daniel Day-Lewis. He aims to portray a wide range of diverse characters, making it hard for the audience to see the same actor in each role. Through his dedication to his craft, Tao Haoyang hopes to present different eras, backgrounds, behaviors, and rhythms to the audience.

Reflecting on his journey in the film industry, Tao Haoyang acknowledges the growth and transformation he has experienced. Acting has allowed him to overcome personal obstacles, such as lack of confidence and fear of judgment. The term “public loneliness” in performance taught him to ignore the opinions of others and wholeheartedly embrace his roles. Acting has become a way for him to express himself freely and show his true self to the world.

Tao Haoyang draws inspiration from two films, “Get in the Car, Let’s Go” and “Roman Holiday”. Both movies depict characters leaving their familiar surroundings to face the unknown with excitement and curiosity. Similarly, Tao Haoyang embarked on his own journey when he left New York, where he had lived for 16 years, to pursue his acting career. Regardless of the outcome, he wants to enjoy the process and embrace the possibilities ahead.

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With the release of “Street Boys” and his growing repertoire of remarkable performances, Tao Haoyang is undoubtedly making his mark in the film industry. Audiences can expect to see more great things from this talented actor as he continues to pursue his film and television dreams.”

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