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A hub for refueling: from petrol to electricity all in one station

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ROME – The epochal change that is transforming mobility is inevitably expanding to the entire sector. The first futuristic service station of Q8 Petroleum, an oil company that has been on the Italian market for 35 years, has just been inaugurated in a strategic pole for traffic such as that of Paderno Dugnano (MI) along the “Milano-Meda” freeway. The reassuring smile of the gas station attendant, the customary phrase “Shall we clean the glass?”, And the mixture dispenser for two-stroke engines operated with a manual pump, are now a distant memory of the past, supplanted by the latest technologies generation accompanying the new fuel distributors.

Suffice it to say that the new hub is divided into an 8,000 square meter yard, offering various refueling stations both for vehicles with traditional endothermic engines (petrol, diesel, LPG and shortly also methane), and for electric ones with six recharging stations of which two ultrafast 300 kW. From the design point of view, the designers were freely inspired by the sails of the “Dhow”, the typical boat of Kuwait (State of the reference shareholder), sails which are then the logo of the Q8 brand. The innovative refueling station is characterized by the mighty central mast of 25 meters in height that connects two canopies in the shape of a triangular sail to create a coverage of a total of 2,000 square meters.

In the first area there are the dispensing islands of traditional fuels, while in the second there are the dispensers of alternative products (LPG and methane) and the stalls for recharging electric vehicles. The structure is completed by a 1,200 square meter building built with low environmental impact materials that allows users to choose from a wide range of services, from shopping to food & beverage departments. The project was carried out under the banner of digitalization in communication with users, energy efficiency, LED lighting with motion sensors, use of recyclable materials, use of renewable energy, and recovery of rainwater.

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Then we find a zero-emission methane compressor, shelters with high solar reflectance materials to support the 70 kW photovoltaic system placed on their surface. All these elements, according to the company, contribute to making this plant a unique excellence in Europe also in terms of sustainability. It should be noted that part of the investment for the construction of the imposing structure (for the methane and electricity part) was financed with the contribution of European funds “Connecting Europe Facility” to support the Q8 project “Cre8 – Creating the Station of the Future ”for the construction of infrastructures equipped with methane and electric recharges. (mr)


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