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A joke in tens of seconds, Huang Xiyou talk show, Ningbo debut exploded-Zhejiang News-Zhejiang Online

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On the afternoon of October 16th, Huang Xi, who came to Ningbo for a special talk show for the first time, set off a “talk show whirlwind” in Ningbo, and a joke broke out in tens of seconds…More than 600 Ningbo Concert Hall The seats are full.

There are frequent jokes and baggage in this performance

Huangxi talk show premiered in Ningbo, a joke in tens of seconds

Huang Xi is one of the first actors to perform talk shows in China. Before studying in the United States, he moved from a PhD in biochemistry to a talk show and became a Chinese comedian invited to perform at the White House, and then returned to China to perform. He has witnessed the development of talk shows in China and is known as the “hall-level veteran” of Chinese talk shows.

Huang Xi has a lot of fans in Ningbo, there are many young people, as well as middle-aged and old friends with gray hair. “I have seen “Is it Real?” hosted by him on CCTV before. I really like his acting style.” The aunt said.

For this performance called “Huang Xi’s Talk Show”, Huang Xi prepared a lot of information: “If you admit the wrong person on the street, how to resolve the embarrassment? If the response is quick, then ask him for the mineral water bottle in his hand. Do you want to.” “I have been praised by my father since I was a child. After an exam, my father said: “Huangxi, you are really good!” That time I was the countdown.” Many interesting things from my own life are sometimes serious and sometimes humorous in Huangxi. Under the interpretation of the movie, it formed a great contrast, and the audiences who had thoroughly understood each other, laughed forward and backward together.

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In this performance, Huang Xi averaged a few tens of seconds to drop a piece and throw a baggage, and the audience continued to applaud.

Citizen Zhao Feng brought his wife and children to join him. After watching the show, he repeatedly praised, “It’s worth it! I am worthy of being the originator of domestic talk shows.” Zhao Feng usually likes talk shows and has a soft spot for Huangxi. Grabbed the tickets for this show.”

“This is the first time Huang Xi has come to Ningbo for a talk show. I didn’t expect it to be so popular.” Zhang Leijie, the head of the Ningbo Concert Hall, said that all tickets for this show were sold out a week ago. The format is still very acceptable.” According to the person in charge, in order to repay the support and love of the audience in Yongcheng, on January 15 next year, the concert hall will invite Huang Xilaiyong to perform an additional performance.

After the performance, Huang Xi took a group photo with the Ningbo audience

Huang Xi: “A talk show is not a sprint, but a marathon”

Huang Xi is not tall, and the glasses of myopia are quite thick, and he is slightly sly in his smile. Huang Xi, who is tricky and vicious on the stage, is more easy-going and quiet in front of the camera. Before the opening of the performance, Huang Xi accepted an exclusive interview from Ningbo media, “This is my first visit to Ningbo, and I have a very good impression.” Huangxi, who grew up in the north, saw this coastal city for the first time, and couldn’t help but marvel: “Ningbo is developing really well. Okay, so beautiful.” What he didn’t guess was that Ningbo was also the origin of modern mahjong. All this made him excited and fresh.

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Huangxi is a foodie. The day before the performance, he also checked in a special restaurant in Yongbang, “The food is very delicious.” Huang Xi said that he hoped the audience would like his Ningbo debut.

In this program in Ningbo, Huang Xi talked about some things that make people feel anxious in current life, “For example, the Internet has brought convenience to people, but it also brings anxiety.”

How to maintain your creative enthusiasm if you want to keep the “smile fruit extraordinary” on the stage? Huang Xi smiled and said that before he became fat, he would spend an hour writing jokes every day. “After you have gained weight, you should also make time to exercise every day.”

In response to the “fire” phenomenon of talk shows in China in recent years, Huang Xi said: “I have always believed that talk shows will definitely be popular in China.” He believes that talk shows are very suitable for urban white-collar workers. The talk show is not based on a certain dialect. It can be spoken in any dialect and language, which is different from cross talk and sketches.”

In Huang Xi’s view, the talk show is a marathon, not a sprint. What qualities should a good talk show actor possess? Huang Xi believes that it is the most important thing to be good at observing life. “In addition to skills, the most important thing in the show is to take your heart. The really good jokes come from life. Find some insights in life. These contents are the most valuable. Can resonate with everyone.”

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He concluded that as a talk show actor, you must talk about your own things, and you need a more individual form of performance, “Your style must not be heavier than others.” When you see who is hot, you subconsciously imitate others. You should To be avoided. “It’s very important to find a personal style.”

How far can Chinese full-time talk show actors go? “Talk show is very popular now, but it also has a certain cyclic life cycle. Only those who persist will be able to do the best in the end.” Huang Xi encourages the younger generation, even in the downturn of the talk show, you will stick to it. Usher in the best opportunity. This is the same as in other industries. The saddest thing is that when an opportunity finds you, you are not ready. “You must prepare more in peacetime. When the opportunity comes, you can break out.”



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