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A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of Heaven

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A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of Heaven

(c) Tom Kelly

A penchant for the death metal extremes of the early 90s, complemented by more modern chaos, brought Nathe Sinfield (Lost Outrider) and Sam Strachan (Raised By Owls) together. The songwriting sessions in 2020 became a way out of an uncertain reality, the project gradually grew into a full-fledged band, and everything was produced independently. As Outergods The quintet from Nottingham, UK, is now signed to Prosthetic and presents the loud, oppressive music there „A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of Heaven“.

“Tangled In The Cogs Of The Nightmare Machine” not only has a great title, but it also gets to the heart of the British madness. The long gallop is deceptive, because behind it lies raging anger, fueled by carefully measured steel edges. Drooling vocals, high tempo, plus noisy blackened undertones that occasionally dock with deathgrind – the nerves fall apart all by themselves, especially when delicate electronic undertones are mixed in. Instead of synthesizers, it uses disruptive signals that are seamlessly embedded in the action and allow it to escalate, not to mention the angry finale.

“Catacombs Of Madness” could be an alternative title for this debut. Here, too, some electronics come through, and here too they skilfully intensify the already manic atmosphere and lead to the skilful overstimulation of all the senses. Meanwhile, Outergods ride relentless attacks, only in the second half do they vary the tempo and hint at something like a groove. “Into The Howling Void” is also strong and, after an extended intro, only hints at a frontal attack. Behind it lurks a tasteful heaviness. You almost want to believe in deep black melodies, but in the end this only serves to dismantle the last remnants.

Excessive obnoxiousness suits the gentlemen from the East Midlands very well. “A Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of Heaven” doesn’t make any false promises, it simply dismantles everything that doesn’t seek protection in Drei in the bunker. Death Metal serves as a guide for rough extremes, which are skillfully escalated through the conscious use of synthetics. What Outergods pull off here wears down and destroys. And the inside eats itself away. A second helping can be eagerly awaited.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: September 1st, 2023
Available via: Prosthetic Records (Cargo Records)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/outergodsuk

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