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A life as Taruffi, the daughter of the great pilot who also beats men

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A life as Taruffi, the daughter of the great pilot who also beats men

BOLOGNA – With a surname on his shoulders that is both prestigious and uncomfortable at the same time, Prisca Taruffi, daughter of the legendary car champion, last winner of the real Mille Miglia, could practice all the sports he wanted except daring to pick up a steering wheel. And she has practiced many sports and always with happy success, golf, skiing, volleyball, tennis, horseback riding, yet she was not enough.

With an almost desperate courage she also wanted to race in the car, finding herself very good not only among women where she depopulated in Italy and Europe, but also against males who were very bad when they finished behind her in the standings, which often happened.

Good on the track and very good at rallies, she still wanted to go further by participating in the most prestigious African races where facing the desert means taking enormous risks and putting in a lot of effort. They have been incredible and in their own way glorious seasons that can be read in his recent editorial effort, an exciting book about a life that spans many lives, too many for a normal person but not for her who evidently inherited a willpower from her illustrious parent. energetic, a lion’s courage and a continuous raising of the bar towards increasingly complex yet always achieved goals.

The title “Doublet and heel – my life with the silver fox” published by Minerva, 252 pages plus 32 of color photographs, and on sale for 23 euros, is truly unmissable because you discover how much truth there is in the saying “wanting it is power “. It is a perfect read for all those little boys who think they are stronger than the opposite sex but who actually lack attributes. These are pages that flow away surprising one after the other, so much is the substance that is inside.

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Prisca Taruffi, after being a beautiful girl has become a charming lady who never stops competing, a matter of blood in the veins that is a family brand. In constant adoration towards her parent, one of the greatest pilots of all ages, she seems to live not to disappoint her expectations even if he has not been with us for too many years. It is really an interesting book because it teaches us so many things with a moral that does not allow shortcuts: anything can be done. And most importantly, it can be done well.

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