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A Machine of Death – The Culture War

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A Machine of Death – The Culture War

(c) Krichan Wihlborg

The wonderfully pissed off ones A Machine of Death herald a second round for their chaotic, punk-infused sound. Almost exactly three years to the day after their debut, the quartet is loudly reporting back. Little has happened musically for the Swedes. They still rely on crusty hardcore punk – sometimes a little more rock, sometimes a little more metallic – and equip it with political and socially critical lyrics. Unsurprisingly enough “Culture War” (German “Culture War”) similarly courageous.

You don’t have to understand what’s being sung and shouted here to feel the drastic intensity of tracks like “Godnatt jord” and “Högerspöket”. The quartet quickly demolishes everything, briskly and gruffly, controlled by melodic undertones. The opening “Vapen och ammunition” even features surprisingly rocking riffs before the Swedes flip an imaginary switch and increase the tempo. Otherworldly howls and hook-heavy brute force come together before a small breakdown destroys the last hopeful approaches. That knows how to entertain.

In the longer tracks, Ett Dödens Maskineri prove their musical class when they think outside the box and audibly dare to do more. The tough, infernal, anthemic “En ö i en andlös ocean” plunges into melancholic mid-tempo realms and heads for a self-destructive finish. Henrik Levahn from the famous Horndal is involved in “Blodröd”. The oppressive, ponderous track is just as memorable as the leisurely reduction of “Stormsteg”, whose fragile yet enchanting force creates a kind of oppressive romanticism, combining almost doomy approaches with the courage of desperation.

Noticeable musical growth inspires this second blow to the neck. Ett Dödens Maskineri are expanding their hardcore punk class and at the same time finding a second wind in the relaxed tempo. Doom to sludge approaches are increasing, fueling the metallic, dirt-encrusted side of their own sound and providing significantly more depth. “Kulturkriget” finds its niche, sounds Nordic and international at the same time, triggers euphoric anxiety. In the midst of contradiction, Ett Döden’s Maskineri creates an exciting gem that definitely leaves you wanting more.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: November 28, 2023
Available via: Suicide Records

Website: www.ettdodensmaskineri.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ettdodensmaskineri

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