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A man from Viedma died when he lost his car a few kilometers from Conesa

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A man from Viedma died when he lost his car a few kilometers from Conesa

Another accident occurred a few kilometers from General Conesa, where a 68-year-old man died after losing control of his vehicle in the vicinity of Colonia 224 on National Route 250. He was accompanied by his wife who is hospitalized in Viedma with polytrauma.

The event occurred on Saturday at noon and the man was identified as 68-year-old Luis Oscar Pérez from Viedma, who was driving a red Fiat Uno at kilometer 100 of that national highway in the direction of Conesa.

The causes have not yet been officially determined, but in principle the driver would have bitten the shoulder causing loss of control of the vehicle. When he tried to return to the asphalt, he crossed the lane and ended up in a drainage area.

As soon as they gave notice of the fatal accident, the two people received the first attention from the ambulances that arrived at the scene of the accident.

EThe man was urgently transferred to the “Héctor Monteoliva” hospital in General Conesabut died minutes later due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Next to the driver was his wife who was referred to the “Artémides Zatti” hospital in Viedma and where she is hospitalized with polytraumatisms.

During the hours of the accident, they worked in that area in addition to medical personnel, firefighters, the Conesa Road Safety Corps and members of the 20th Police Station.

That area of ​​General Conesa became a dangerous sector since in just a week there were already two fatalities.

Last Saturday at dawn a 41-year-old rural worker died who was traveling with a Toyota Hilux at kilometer 105 of National Route 250, that is, five kilometers from the current accident.

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He would also have lost control of the truck by biting the shoulder which then caused the rollover. He was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle, killing him instantly.

The man was a native of Mendoza and came to Conesa to work for the production of onions.

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