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A / Pair tries again, 3 gloves for 2 hands to match with style even in winter

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In the beginning it was – this summer – the shoes. Three slippers instead of two, ambidextrous, and with similar colors, with the aim of surprising and surprising. Today – winter collection – the Un / Pair brand, conceived and created through a start-up by Giulia Bagella, is trying again. This time, it’s up to the gloves. In fact, Un / Pair presents its trio of gloves for the fall / winter 2021 collection, which travel strictly in sets of three, breaking with the concept of duality. In fact, the classic pair of gloves is flanked by the third glove – similar but not the same – perfectly combinable and designed to match with elegance.

«The Un / Pair gloves are on sale in sets of three only on our website at 80 euros – explained Giulia Bagella – and are wool / cashmere blend gloves. But everything in the design follows the logic of 3.Three are the different points that build the glove: shaved on the hand, ribbed on the wrist and cob point on the sleeve. Three points designed to give a precise styling and volume effect: tapered on the hand, defined on the wrist and flared / over on the sleeve. Designed to “dress” with originality and to be “exhibited”. The flared sleeve was in fact made so wide to be worn over jackets and coats ».

The new sets – produced in Italy by a knitwear factory in Faenza – are offered in 12 color combinations – white, black and hazelnut, the neutral nuances that are accompanied by intense emerald green, sour cherry red and sky blue – and in all the variations the hand is in gray mélange color. In this way, even if unpaired, the Un / Pair gloves remain combinable. The packaging is also attentive to sustainability: produced by an Emilian company, the Un / Pair clutch bag is in black tyvek, a recyclable and waterproof material that allows multiple uses as needed.

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Sales in Spain have also started since August. Today the start-up sells throughout Europe and, in the next few days, the site will also have an English version, for e-commerce.

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