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A police officer from Santa Cruz, the first from his province to summit Aconcagua – Diario RÃo Negro

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A police officer from Santa Cruz, the first from his province to summit Aconcagua – Diario RÃo Negro

Santa Cruz Police Chief, Miguel Angel Gutiérrezreached the top of Mount Aconcagua, as part of a mountain rescue internship, organized by the UPRAM Patrol of the Mendoza Police, in collaboration with the Aconcagua Provincial Park, the force reported this week.

The Santa Cruz Police highlighted that It was “a feat of courage and determination” carried out by the 28-year-old officer. and who works in the Rural Operations Division of Perito Moreno, in the northwest of the province.

“He became the first Santa Cruz police officer to reach the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America, at 6,962 meters,”

He highlighted the strength.

From Mendoza, where the internship ended yesterday, Gutiérrez told Télam that the UPRAM (Mountain Rescue and Assistance Patrol Unit) invited him to do the mountain rescue internship, after two training sessions. “Everything went well for me and I can reach the summit of Aconcagua on February 19,†the Santa Cruz police officer said with satisfaction.

“I practice a little rock climbing with the Perito Moreno Andean Club, I started climbing the mountains, In the mountaineering course I made several summits in Mendoza, in the foothills“He detailed and added that in December he climbed “the Lanín (3,700 meters in Neuquén) with two friends.”

Regarding the experience at Aconcagua, the highest summit in America, First Corporal Gutiérrez explained that He trained “a lot physically, and then it’s a lot of head and heart.” “There is no training in altitude and it hit me hard at 4,200 metres, I had to acclimatise quite a bit and then at 5,500 metres, I had a lot of headache, vomiting, I had to go down about 1000 meters, recover to continue again. But I got to the summit well,” he highlighted.


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Gutiérrez It reached the summit last Monday at 1:40 p.m., after more than 8 hours of ascent on the last of the twelve days of the journey. Two UPRAM troops accompanied him in the feat, which one of them also performed for the first time.

“I’m happy with the experience,” said the climber.eager to return to Perito Moreno where they were waiting for him after the feat his wife Fiama and his five-year-old son Ciro Gaeland already planning new climbing experiences, such as the 4707 m Domuyo volcano in northern Neuquén, and other mountains on the Chilean side.

“After a well-deserved rest in Plaza de Mulas, the non-commissioned officer descended through the Quebrada de Matienzo, traveling about 25 kilometers huntil he reached the route, where he was received by a park ranger who took him to Penitentes to rest before returning to Mendoza the next day,” the statement expanded.

“His courage and dedication make him an inspiring example for his colleagues and the community in general,” the force concluded.

Télam Agency.

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