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A revolution would be good

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A revolution would be good

More than half of the children in poverty. Little food reaches schools. The schools have been in poor condition for decades. Lack of supplies, basic materials and teacher training that we know is insufficient.

Abandoned or decaying plazas. Urban spaces without taking children into account.

Few shows aimed at children. Let us be grateful that we have clubs and institutes of art and religious worship where our children can feel with some support.

I consult, because maybe with so much work I miss some things and I live in a parallel world. lAre children part of society?

I see many seductive devices in stores, equipped with any type of artifact that stimulates bodily inaction, social disconnection and other factors with various negative connotations that require a particular approach.

They are also observed Tempting toy stores, full of colors and shopping options. Junk foods, consumer appeals.

Observing these scenes it is not difficult to notice that lChildhood and also adolescence are simple commercial objects.

Where are the public policies based on them that does not involve a vote or a blocking of streets, bridges or avenues?

After the figures that terrify us, stating that more than half of the children in the Argentine Republic are poor, Where are the plans to modify, work to reverse them?

Where are the discussion and organization tables with Called various area specialists?

Of course I’m talking about government entities and those who claim with power and force.

There are many of us who have clear and feasible ideas to do. ¿Y?

Don’t children give votes? Ups, I’m sorry. She escaped me.


The nice squares could give them. Also schools with budgets and trained and well-paid teachers.

We already know. It is an old argument, like politicians who always defend the same thing.

I focus on childhood and adolescence as I always do, while I listen to those wonderful beings who are only a few years old, making my way with limited resources and I feel the magic of Life.

Beyond all impediments, there are brilliant minds. Souls that give light and projects that wait.

we need a revolution of parents demanding whatever is necessary.

Safe streets for that they can travel alone.

Containment networks if necessary. Let me clarify: do not come with those complaints that take a thousand years and the kids who report abuse, for example, must live with those monsters again. Don’t make fun anymore.

Perversity towards children and adolescents is usually criminal.

Are we complicit? Because silence gives us that category.

We don’t know how to start this revolution? ¿Oh really? Or are we afraid? Or don’t we care much either and don’t want to leave our comfort zone?

I ask these questions because it is always easier to throw the ball away and say that someone else is to blame. And at home? Me, Argentinian is the answer?

That nothing can be done? Ask the great revolutionaries in history if this is true.

Maybe they had no chance to be distracted so beautiful stained glass windows and with many devicess.

Sorry if I bothered you. It was my intention.

Just continue with your day, but remember that there are many of us who beat strongly for an inclusive present. Not of E, but of PEOPLE, those that come out of the womb of a woman.

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Graduate Laura Collavini


Author of the book My Environment and Me.

President of the Being Foundation

[email protected]

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