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A small jump to Emek Hafer VOS

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A small jump to Emek Hafer  VOS
The new vos store in Moshav Beit Yitzhak. C: Inga Avshalom Shalian

Rose Orenstein Slutsky, the darling of the blog and the owner of VOS, decided to take the studio out of the house and opened a shop in Moshav Beit Yitzhak. From the places that are the most from the map but just as well you can move them as they are to Abbott Kinney Bonis Street, Silver Lake or Byron Bay (I haven’t been but that’s exactly how I imagine it).
The new store is in front of an organic field, in a large and bright space with a large courtyard. Shord plans to host workshops and collaborations with other creators.

For those who joined the course just now and missed everything we learned about VOS: Link to the interview with Vared.
For those who already want to make it a fun half day with friends: Beit Yitzhak also has the cafes Yada Yada and Turquoise.
The address in Wise: Derech Hasharon 113 Beit Yitzhak.
There is also a discount: Until the eve of the holiday there is a 20% discount on the website and in the store, and the code My (my name is the code) will give another 10%.
The code will also work in the store itself, you just have to say my name at the checkout.

For those looking for gifts: the private shopping phase

Things that help lift the mood:
White grapefruit bolt extract, wash your face with this face soap (it says it’s for men, but he doesn’t really know who uses it), a candle after sunrise, a lifting cream, a roller, a solid soap that comes with a terrazzo bottom that you can put in the dishwasher.

In the mood of opening a new page:
A kit for purifying the house, face soap with the scent of rose water, a notebook in which to write kind words to yourself, a rose quartz stone that is supposed to strengthen our feeling that we love to live, matches on the small jar they live in that says: Make a wish

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A warm recommendation for those who come to the store: Try this perfume. It is not on the site, the smell immediately makes you smile and even surprisingly lingers.
A second recommendation, for those who are suitable for it because it is less mainstream: The Palo Santo stick (what I hold there in my hand next to the perfume) is real from Peru. Healers and artists use its smoke to remove negative energies. The tree is considered sacred and therefore it is forbidden to harm it and the sticks can be made using traditional methods only 4-10 years after the tree is no longer considered alive. Its smell works directly on the mood and encourages good thoughts.

Between the fake and the truth
Between everything that lives and dies
There is love

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