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A song in the rivers and lakes, a few times at home and national conditions_Hong Kong, China_Culture_Spirit

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A song in the rivers and lakes, a few times at home and national conditions_Hong Kong, China_Culture_Spirit

Original title: A song of Jianghu dreams, several home and national conditions

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●Hu Yifeng

In retrospect, my views on many issues were influenced by TVB martial arts dramas.

What do you mean by “cynicism”, you ask me? I will definitely think of the old urchin played by Qin Huang in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”; when it comes to “maverick”, it is naturally the Huang Yaoshi from Zeng Jiang. If you want to ask me again: what is the hero like? In front of my eyes, Guo Jing, no, more precisely, Hong Kong actor Huang Rihua with a broad forehead and a square face, looks upright.

These characters mentioned above have a common “father”, which is Jin Yong. Jin Daxia’s martial arts novels began in the 1950s. As a native of his hometown, I know that this village sage, 30 years later, is watching Hong Kong “martial arts films” while watching a small black and white TV. Perhaps it has something to do with the unclear images, and the theme songs of those plays left a deeper memory. “Vaguely dreamed as if I had seen it before, the waves in my heart are now, put aside the world and cut my sorrows and grievances, and accompany to the horizon.” Although I couldn’t understand Cantonese, the sweet melody of the theme song “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” quickly hummed. In an instant, the yellow sand in the desert and the horses galloping with their bows drawn, just like in front of them, the heroic spirit, the love between children, and the heart-warming feeling.

TVB is not the first to shoot Jin Yong’s drama, but it is the most popular one. Flying Snow Shoots White Deer, Laughing Book God Hero leans on Bi Yuan, and it has been filmed almost over and over again. In addition to Jin Yong, there are of course Liang Yusheng and Gu Long on the TVB martial arts drama list. Zhuo Yihang and Lian Nishang in “The Legend of the White-Haired Witch”, Jin Shiyi and Li Shengnan in “Jade Bow Fate in the Sea of ​​Clouds”, love and hate are hard to get married, they are poignant and sad, and they are really sad and emotional; “Peerless Generation” Xiao Yuer in “Shuangjiao” and Fu Hongxue in “The Prodigal Son of a Border City” are true feelings and true nature, not sticking to vulgar laws, quite the style of Wei and Jin Dynasties, wandering around the rivers and lakes, fluttering freely, and super-spirited, people both admire and envy, forming a few The collective cultural memory of modern Chinese.

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More than 30 years have passed. With today’s film and television production technology and standards, we may be able to pick out many faults in the TVB martial arts dramas of the year: the service is not good enough, the scenery is not rich enough, the picture is not clear enough, and the special effects are not realistic enough. , even if the plot is arranged and the narrative is edited, it is not unreasonable. However, I watched “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” again the year before, and I was still emotionally overwhelmed and couldn’t bear to let go. I think it’s mainly because of the deep cultural spirit in these shows. I remember Liang Yusheng said at a literary seminar in Sydney: “Almost every writer of martial arts novels has his own interpretation of the chivalrous man. But no matter how different, in those knights, you can always find the imprint of Chinese culture. .” Sincerely said, Chinese culture is the background of TVB’s martial arts drama and its original works.

Take Jin Yong’s drama as an example, its story always relies on the important joint period in Chinese history, interprets the true meaning of “Xia” in the decision of right and wrong, and firmly occupies the commanding heights of morality. The love of the homeland and the love of the family and the country are their common spiritual symbols; the great hero, serving the country and the people, is their common image connotation. The martial arts world with many martial arts schools and swords, lights and swords is unverifiable in history, but it is very real in culture. The fictional heroes and their peerless martial arts are also deeply rooted in the fertile soil of our nation’s history and culture. A moving picture dotted on the Chinese historical and cultural corridor.

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More importantly, although these works are set in ancient times, the heroes are dressed in ancient costumes and speak half-literal language, but they are not trite, but have the soul of modern spirit. The free love between the two has received the warmest praise: Huang Rong disregarded her father’s objection and insisted on choosing Guo Jing, a silly boy; Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv broke through the shackles of etiquette, beyond honor and disgrace, and stood together for love; The most solemn tribute: Xiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xu Zhu, these three people have different personalities and backgrounds, but they have a golden orchid relationship and cherish each other; Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang, right and wrong, Linghu Chong and Mr. Mo Da, the old and the young are different, but they are heart-to-heart. High mountains and flowing waters, joys and sorrows.

Such a group of heroes is different from the assassins in “Historical Records”, the chivalrous men in the legend of the Tang Dynasty, and the green forest heroes in the novels. I prefer to see them as the modern reincarnation of Chinese chivalrous culture. In their stories, we read the eternal values ​​of human beings such as kindness, sublime, benevolence, and faith, and we also saw betrayal, fraud, killing, and other live dramas that are often played in the world, and we also felt the ups and downs of life and fiery emotions. , the soul of suffering, and even the laws of life and the workplace, are unknowingly substituted into them, forming a strong resonance with the events in the text and drama. In addition, the fast-paced narration of TVB martial arts dramas, urbanized dialogues, gamified narratives, and vivid and somewhat exaggerated character expressions render a strong sense of rivers and lakes, forming a unique aesthetic style.

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As the Bay Area chapter of Chinese contemporary popular literature and art, these works have vivid characters, twists and turns and bizarre stories, and long-lasting emotions, exuding a unique artistic charm, not only injecting new vitality into contemporary Chinese culture, but also for China Pop culture flourished and innovation laid the groundwork. This is clear at a glance by looking at the stories and characters of the “Kim’s” who have been active in online novels, online movies and even online games over the years. We have reason to believe that in the boom in the construction of the Greater Bay Area, this contemporary IP of Lingnan culture will still contribute its fragrance.Return to Sohu, see more


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