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A total of 3 types of mechanical watches suitable for men in their 30s and 40s

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  Original title: Less than 8000, a mechanical watch suitable for men in their 30s and 40s. There are 3 models in all-match style

  Author: Wanbiao Watch Exchange

  In most cases, what men in their 30s and 40s take out of the watch box are basically simple and capable formal and casual watches. The two types can indeed perfectly reflect the maturity and toughness of men, but age cannot be used to define style.

  A man is a boy to death“Although this sentence is vulgar, but the truth is true, the style does not need to be restricted to age, as long as it fits your own temperament, wearing a “little genius” can also be charming.

  Orient Star’s 70-year watchmaking tradition has integrated the art and aesthetics of the hollow window into it. The unique watchmaking style makes Orient Star watches not only have the calm temperament of a mature man, but also have the unique charm of personality.

  In 2017, Dongfangxing was officially merged into Epson Group. The Japanese ingenuity and Epson Group’s cutting-edge polishing technology made Dongfangxing’s mechanical beauty shine brighter and reinterpreted the outstanding and eternal mechanical art.

  On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Orient Star, the main “Nebula” theme series and watchmakers treat it like “Shining star“The glorious vision caters to it, condensing the vastness of the galaxy and starry sky on the dial.

  This 70th anniversary commemorative model adopts the dial color specially created for the concept of “Nebula” and is decorated with bright stars like bright stars. A beautiful Milky Way scene appears on the dial.

  The classic disc of the dress watch is polished to form a curved case design. The 4-point wedge-shaped embossing degree is matched with Roman numerals. The male model is gentlemanly elegant, and the female model is exquisite and classic.

The heart-shaped needle + diamond-encrusted crown is a small romance between partners. The delicate feeling presented by the French belt sewing process makes the watch more versatile and comfortable to wear.

An occasional little romance of a mature man can quickly heat up the love between your partners, allowing her to retain your warmth throughout the winter.

  Hollow design is not only suitable for young people. In contrast, men in their 30s and 40s, who have a certain life experience, are better able to control hollows. The contrast between maturity and fashion is another unique charm.

  Continuing the anniversary theme of “Nebula”, Dongfangxing’s moon phase nebula dial has a more profound sense. The hollow window and the mysterious moon phase are exquisitely and elegantly matched. The white mother-of-pearl and dark blue gradient dial are designed as if floating on the dial. The nebula in the depths of the universe inspires people’s infinite awe and exploration of the universe.

  In addition to the “Nebula” theme, the new classic timepiece created by Oriental Star for the 70th anniversary adopts a variety of formal design elements. The three elements of suit, shirt and tie perfectly coordinate the balance between formal wear and hollow out. The sense of advanced design breaks through the tradition. Aesthetics, with “Eastern gentleman, western gentleman“The praise.

  Thirty or forty years oldMen are more flavorful like old wines, showing their mature and stable temperament lies in their conversation and connotation. The charm of style has nothing to do with age. No matter what type of style, men should keep trying.



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