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A tribute to love and life_Guangming.com

Stills from the movie “The Umbilical Cord”.Photo provided by the producer

The film “Umbilical Cord”, which is being screened, was shortlisted for the “Future of Asia” section of the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival and won the Best Technology Award at the 4th Hainan Island International Film Festival. This film has also won two honors, the 2020 Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital jury recommendation project and the “China Good Story” winning project.

The film tells a heartwarming story: a young Mongolian boy who works as a musician in Beijing returns to his hometown, and takes his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease from the city back to live on the grassland. In order to prevent his mother from getting lost, he tied himself and his mother at both ends with a rope. My mother once posed for a photo with her parents under a tree when she was young, and now she wants to go back there again. The young man got on his motorcycle and took his mother on a journey to find the tree. The mother finally left, and the young man found the tree alone… In the film, the son’s care for his mother is a process of companionship and a process of seeing off. The Mongolian people’s succession from generation to generation and endless life, as well as their deep thinking on the relationship between man and nature, life and death, are evocative.

In addition to the story, the music and pictures of the film are also particularly poetic, always telling the story of warmth. In the lens, the lakeside, sky, and grasslands of the Inner Mongolia prairie have a profound artistic conception. The Mongolian long tune calling for heaven, earth and soul, and even various sounds on the prairie are all unique sounds of nature. With the efforts of producers Cao Yu and Yao Chen, the film has assembled a strong shooting and production team, making the audio-visual quality and artistic expression of this medium and low-cost film even better.

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The film director and screenwriter Qiao Sixue is a newcomer born in the 90s, born in Inner Mongolia, and created this script while studying abroad. This is also her creation after parting with relatives and friends. It permeates the influence of the Mongolian people’s outlook on life and death on her, which is calm and touching. This national film, which tells stories in Mongolian, made her resonate with more people in thought and emotion.

Many countries in the world have entered the aging society. In recent years, there have been many excellent films featuring Alzheimer’s patients in the Chinese and foreign film circles, such as “Still Alice”, “Father Trapped in Time”, “Mom! “wait. The creator of “The Umbilical Cord” directly looks at the family relationship and intergenerational relationship in the current society, showing the initial panic and final bravery and firmness of young people in the face of sick elders. The male protagonist made an affectionate response to his mother and the grassland’s kindness in nurturing, and also made a valuable inheritance of the excellent qualities of kindness and tenacity of the Mongolian people. The film praises love and life, is sincere and full, and brings the audience new emotional experiences and inner self-examination.

责编:张晓荣 ]

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